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Best and Worst Airlines: Passengers Weigh In

Airline travel. For most passengers, just the sound of it allows jolts of PTSD to crack into consciousness. It has become a constant struggle to avoid ultra-tight seating, hefty luggage fees, and itinerary-wrecking delays – a veritable crap shoot on every flight. But a small number of carriers try to deliver consistently good travel experiences, […]

Air Travel 2018: Survival Guide

By Christopher Elliott If you thought 2017 was a challenging year for airline passengers, just wait until you see what’s ahead. That’s the consensus of airline experts, consumer advocates and frequent travelers. They say the domestic airlines have charted a course for this year that includes more fees and ticket restrictions and, inevitably, additional confrontations […]

Best, Worst North American Airports? The Hit List

The thought of boarding a plane sends most would-be passengers into dizzying dilemmas of anticipated discomfort as they gage personal tolerance tiers for pain and claustrophobia. Airports, however, are something else entirely. In fact U.S. airports these days are getting high marks from those who use them. Orlando, John Wayne Orange County, and Sacramento are getting […]

Traveling with Toddlers: An Owner’s Guide

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a newbie, traveling with the kids in tow can be like landing on a strange planet. To help new parents (or even parents looking for new ideas) manage the ups and downs of traveling with their tots, the experts at, created a guide full of proven tips for […]

Strategies for Managing the Airline Seat Wars

It is no secret that the competitive rigors of Wall Street and fierce battle for those top end bonuses are pitting tortured flyers against greedy airline companies in a conflict that seems to have no bottom in sight. Where tracking luggage, kinder/gentler reservations managers and on time performance numbers ruled policy until just a few […]

Snakes on a Plane? Maybe

  You know what you can’t take on a plane, but did you know what you can take on a plane? At an airport conference in Los Angeles a few years back, an airport commissioner spoke authoritatively, if not a little haltingly, about the one item that gets confiscated most by TSA officers at LAX […]