Romance at the Bottom of the World

South Australia, the “WOW” state known for its Wildlife, Outback, and Wine experiences, provides some perfect answers for romantic  sojourns to the bottom side of the world. The land anchored by Adelaide is magical indeed opening to the marvels of the rugged Flinders Ranges, the rolling hills of the Barossa wine region with the oldest […]

Calgary Stampede: Ride of the Century

Canada-bound visitors can fall in love with the rodeo this summer inside a totally immersive experience of the Canadian west. Rodeo romance is only a click or call away for those who want to take in the warm wide skies of Alberta and join the rollicking centennial of the Calgary Stampede happening July 7-15, 2012. […]

Closing the Sale when a Buyer Fights the Price

By Greta Schulz “I love your ideas and your proposal, but your price is just too high for my budget.” I know you’ve heard those words before. It’s one of the most used objections that people give you. But just because a prospect fires back at you on price, it doesn’t mean you have to […]

New Rules

A new rule that goes into effect later this month will require airlines and others to include government taxes and fees — along with any mandatory charges — in their advertised fares. While airlines are going into the new regs kicking and screaming (Southwest Airlines has already filed a lawsuit), consumers are preparing to find […]

CES 2012: Top Travel Gadgets to Watch

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas took its share of the headlines last week as more than 150,000 buyers and attendees browsed some 2,700 booths sporting the latest, most advanced user-friendly technology on the planet. And while plenty of 3-D screens and where-have-you-been-hiding sound systems took their places in the parade, there were plenty […]

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