Wellness Travel for Traveling Well

Ahhh … to Spahhhh. Simply saying it is enough to make neck muscles to loosen and for breath to release in a deep, stress busting sigh. Fortunately, wellness vacations come in all pocket sizes – as simple as a 20-minute meditation in a spot by the ocean and as elaborate as a weeks-long mind-body makeover. […]

Mum’s the Word on this Tour

Clients can take a vow of silence and head for a true vacation, not only from the surroundings of daily life but from the sounds as well through a new concept in African immersion: Silent Safaris. Expert Africa, a designer and operator of personalized tours to Southern Africa, offers an alluring tour that answers the […]


With 2012 now well underway, it’s time for Travel-Intel to take a penetrating look into the New Year and see just what changes and events may come to define how North America travels. It’s the End of the World as We Know It If the Mayan calendar has anything to do with it, we could […]

Waiting for Inspiration

By Seth Godin A friend asked me the other day, “…given the sorry state of so much in the world, what’s possible to look forward to?” The state isn’t sorry. It’s wide open. Interest rates are super low, violence is close to an all time low, industries are being remade and there’s more leverage for […]

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