What are the Best Hotels in the World?

  How do you pick the best hotels in the world? First it depends on where they are. Second, it may help to have a way of sifting through data on 24,000 luxury hotels across the USA, Europe, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean for starters. Fortunately, the numbers crunchers at U.S. News & World Report had […]


Hotel Room of the Future Glimpsed at CES2018

What’s in store for the hotel room of the future? According to the pulse of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, the word is plenty. CES2018 was mostly about the Internet of Things – the connectivity between things that can be managed not as much by one cool app or one very responsive control module, but […]

The Norman: Luxury Boutique Hotel in Tel Aviv

If you are searching for a boutique hotel in Tel Aviv, the choices are bounteous and range from crowded hostels to quaint residences on quiet streets. However, searching for a luxury boutique hotel in Tel Aviv can be quite another story. Luxury hotels in Tel Aviv, until recently, have been few and far between and […]

La Valencia: Meet the Grand Dame of La Jolla

Travelers heading to Southern California can build a little offbeat style into their stay by hubbing in La Jolla, an easy 20 minutes north of Downtown San Diego. The city of about 50,000 has the sunshine and surf and exquisite seaside village appeal and has maintained its luster through a century of changes along the Southern […]

Faena Miami Beach: New Depth to Design Hotels

The word “Faena,” heard most emphatically in neighborhoods fanning from the blinding white sands lining Miami Beach, could be another term for fantastical, improbable. It stems from one unstoppable Alan Faena, co-creator of the new Faena Hotel Miami Beach and the energy behind the increasingly famous Faena District Miami.         READ MORE […]

Colorado Romance: 10 High Altitude Hotels

It’s possible to get high on more than marijuana in Colorado. Love is in the air in any season in Colorado with its fantasstical settings, mountaintop accommodations, gorgeous views, outstanding adventures and blissful ski days that lead to wildly romantic evenings. Where to go? Whether for honeymoons, revows or remarrying moons or just a perfect […]