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What’s on Your Smartphone? Best Apps for Travel

Overwhelmed by the dizzying swirl of apps surrounding you? Likely there is an app for that. At the latest annual Phocuswright gathering, held last fall in Los Angeles, the buzzword hanging over the panels like a headache was “app fatigue.” The new term describes what every traveler feels while scrolling their Smartphone for information on […]

Top Travel Gadgets from CES 2016: The List

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas may be the best reflection of what the world has come to: overcrowding, lots of noise, a surfeit of wealth and a hunger for anything that can speed the heart speeding and create a momentary gasp of awe. If you are looking for cyber thrills, visual chills, audio […]

Uber, Airbnb Tap Business Travelers

Disruption is the new black when it comes to fashionable trends in travel technology. The concept underlies the force of the new “shared” economy we are seeing today with such effective disrupters as Uber, Airbnb, Lyft, Sidecar and slew of travel apps that are hooking up travelers directly with suppliers in increasingly creative ways. The […]

Unplugging for the Holidays

If there is a secret to having a productive and enjoyable business trip, perhaps it is not about what you bring. Rather, it might be about what you don’t bring – for at least a period of time – while away from usual surrounds and that means mobile devices. Unplugging from work and exploring the […]

Robots on Duty with Debut of “Botlrs” at Aloft

Your next bellhop may actually be a robot if a cyber experiment at Aloft Hotels takes off.  Starwood’s tech-forward brand flipped the switch on a new concept in service staff – a “Botlr” or robotic butler that can assist in delivering amenities to guest rooms and modestly accept tweets for tips.

Googling the Future of Travel

What will the world look like for the traveler in ten years? It could be sooner but if Google’s head of travel, David Pavelko, has anything to do with it, it will look like this: Your IPITA (that’s Integrated Proactive Intermodal Travel Assistant) wakes you from your Paris hotel room slumber in a sexy, non-Siri […]