Romantic Explorations: Travel Beyond the Beach


Wedding Vows in the Buff

Couples looking to exchange vows in a naturel setting and have a great story to tell for the rest of time should consider vow – original or renewels – in the nude at Hidden Beach Resort in Cancun, Mexico.

On Saturday, August 20, 2016, Hidden Beach Resort will host a Mayan Au Naturel Group Vow Renewal. Those who cherish romance au naturel are invited to join as a Mayan Shaman leads a special vow renewal blessing with a group of other naturists. Couples will have the opportunity to rekindle their romance with a unique non-denominational ancient Mayan ceremony alongside other couples looking to celebrate their love. Read more »

Game on for Game of Thrones Tours


As Game of Thrones has just started its sixth season, throwing shockers at us good and bad: Cercei’s redemption after her “Walk of Shame,” Tyrion’s realization that everywhere he goes there is “someone that wants to kill him;” Arya’s new face that cannot see, and therefore, cannot kill her enemies; and let’s not forget Daenarys’ foreboding condemnation to nothingness in the Temple of Widows. And then there is the revealing unrobing of The Red Woman and the expected resurrection of Jon Snow – all playing out in settings more stunning than the cruelties and creepy kindnesses that keep audiences riveted. Read more »

Fun in the Sun in Iceland


Tourism to Iceland has been growing by double digit figures over the pas five years, new playground of rock stars and fashion leaders and a still undiscovered land even for those well traveled. Wondering what’s “beyond the wall” on HBO’s Game of Thrones? You’ll find out in Iceland. Whether you are chasing glaciers, searching for the great Nothern Lights, or just finding your peace by soaking under the midnight skies, Iceland is a land worth the visit. Five hours from the U.S. east coast and eons away in oddities, it is the land of fire and ice, and where you can find some of the best hot dogs on the planet.

Travel-Intel sat down with Visit Reykjavik director, Áshildur Bragadóttir, to find out more.

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Aja Malibu: Wellness and Spiritual Awakenings

Aja Malibu

Wellness happens in magical ways. At Aja Malibu, opening in June in Malibu, CA, that magic is experienced in a mystical place in the mountains of Southern California. There, guests can retreat into the calm of the surroundings and summon the wisdom of the ages. Read More …

LAX Locking in New Global Reach


LAX takes off

LA, as the song goes, may be a great big freeway, but LAX, the world’s fifth busiest airport, is a great big runway these days with more and more airlines finding their way to the glittering city on the Pacific.

In the last 12 months, five new international airlines began flying into Los Angeles International Airport and two more international airline companies are on schedule to be added this year. And that does not begin to address all the new routes available from airlines already operating in and out of this busy port. Read more »

Virginia’s Wine Trails: Tasty Day Trips from D.C.


Virginia has always had its eye on the wine. Ever since Thomas Jefferson tried to turn Monticello into an American magnet for French claret, wine has been the focus of a succession of wealthy land barons who thought they could vanquish the ubiquitous Phylloxera and turn the rolling hills of Old Dominion into the Loire Valley. Read more »

Las Vegas Opens New Sports Arena, Talks Teams

Artworks at Toshiba Park lead to the new T-Mobile arena complex

Las Vegas opened their latest gargantuan project on the Strip last month, and it was one packing punch that should go way beyond wins at the gaming tables.

The 20,000-seat T-Mobile Arena opened with all the fanfare Las Vegas can offer April 6 with plans to go beyond the bounds of hosting sports teams and rock groups. The partnership between AEG, T-Mobile and MGM Grand was designed in much the same fashion as LA Live was in Los Angeles, as an entertainment park attached to the Staples Center. But unlike the Staples Center, which has two NBA teams and one NHL sports teams, the new T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas does not yet have a sports team to call its own. But that may change. Read more »