End of Summer Travel Packages for a Grand Finale


All Eyes on the Skies for this Perseid Package

Central Oregon is often listed as one of the top places in the country to stargaze and this year, Pronghorn, An Auberge Resort – the only five-star luxury branded resort in the Pacific Northwest – is offering a way to enjoy nature’s very own. It’s actually perfect timing, as the the annual Perseid meteor shower, which sends some 600 meteors per hour through the earth’s atmosphere, is lighting up the sky these weeks – peaking around August 9–13. Read more »

Googling the Future of Travel


What will the world look like for the traveler in ten years? It could be sooner but if Google’s head of travel, David Pavelko, has anything to do with it, it will look like this:

Your IPITA (that’s Integrated Proactive Intermodal Travel Assistant) wakes you from your Paris hotel room slumber in a sexy, non-Siri voice and tells you your flight to your meeting in, say, Brussels, has been delayed and in order to get to said meeting on time here are your choices: other flights, scheduled high-speed train departures, drive time with traffic. You make your choice; reservations are approved and booked before the first drop of coffee from the mini-bar Keurig hits the cup. Your ticket is in your Smartphone. Your taxi is waiting. Read more »

Travel to Russia is On Despite Tensions in Ukraine

Swallows Nest Ukraine

With tensions mounting in the tenuous bonds between the U.S. and Russia and the former Soviet states, tourism has, surprisingly, not been taking the hits. Travel-Intel talks to Douglas Grimes, President and founder of MIR Corp., one of the leading operators of travel to Russia and the Ukraine for the past quarter century to find out what travelers are demanding for booking travel to this region.

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On the Beach: Behaviors and Attitudes Exposed

nude beach behavior

The 2014 Flip Flop Report, an annual study by Expedia examining behavior and preferences among beachgoers in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia/New Zealand reveals what comfort there is with public nudity, what opinions lurk on the topic of speedo-style swimwear and what actual fear there is of sharks near the shoreline. The following shines light on some of this year’s findings. Read more »

Into Nicaragua: A Quiet Majesty at Mukul

Nicaragua travel

Nicaragua may have been the playground of surfers, adventurers and backpackers over the last few years but the latest word on travel to Nicaragua is “luxury.” For luxury-minded travelers who want to veer ever so slightly off the beaten track Nicaragua offers a world of untainted, uncrowded and unexpected beauty. But it is an Eden that also comes with a high degree of opulence through a new hidden gem on the Emerald Coast called Mukul. A stay in Mukul, Nicaragua’s most lavish and pampering resort and spa, is packed with dazzling amenities. Better yet, luxury travelers to Nicaragua will find Mukul also sparkles with value.  READ MORE … Read more »

Paris Pass: 10 Top Spots Not to Pass Up

paris pass

Paris in two days? Possiblement. Paris may be the place you will want to park yourself for months, maybe years. But if you have only two days you’ll want to take a Paris Pass with you. This handy little Pass offers spot-on itineraries and access to more than 60 of the city’s must-see attractions. Read more »

JetBlue’s Mint: LAX to JFK in Luxury for $599

JetBlue Mint Seats

JetBlue’s new premium seat option, fondly called JetBlue Mint, may be the hottest deal in the air right now if lie-flat seats on transcon flights are in the offing. The premium service that launched in June on flights between LAX and JFK offers a plush five-hour experience for anyone with $599 to spend and a desire for a good meal and comfortable snooze between hubs. Read more »