Free Wi-Fi on Cruises? Still have to Wait for It

New Oceania amenities





Wi-Fi on cruise ships has long been the topic of jokes, complaints and slow – often very slow and painful – drains on passenger wallets. And even slow and expensive Wi-Fi has been has been a treat until recently as ships suffered unsteady and high priced satellite communications to keep passengers as connected as possible. Often it was easier for passengers to spend portions of valuable port days at foreign Internet cafes in a perpetual effort to connect while on vacation. And, currently, with continuous recording of these journeys and one-upping friends in social media prowess, keeping connected for most travelers is no longer a want. It’s a necessity. Read more »

Disney Dawns its Dark Side During October

Halloween at Disneyland

Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, CA is a particularly brilliant time to see just what the world’s best visionaries of animation and entertainment can produce. Through Friday, Oct. 31, guests can see just how scary things can get with special Halloween transformations of the theme park’s Haunted Mansion and Space Mountain; as well as encounters with Disney villains conjured by a magic cauldron and partying into the midnight hours with the Mad T Party band. Read more »

Relais La Corte Dei Papi: Luxury in Tuscany

Dei Corti

Travel plans to Italy should include a cooking class or two and a stay at a marvelous country manor in the middle of the Tuscany. Relais La Corte Dei Papi offers both with a dash of panache and a sprinkle of history.  READ MORE…

Dancing with the Stars Fans Find Rhythm on HAL

Dancing with the Stars: At Sea 1

By David Yeskel

Doubling down on what has proven to be a big hit among passengers and agents alike, Holland America Line (HAL) is waltzing through the second year of its “Dancing with the Stars: At Sea (DWTS) program.   And judging by my recent experience on a theme cruise aboard the ms Westerdam that featured cast members and stars from the ABC hit show, the marketing power and loyal fan following generated by the “Dancing with the Stars” juggernaut is a perfect match for HAL’s 45-plus demographic target.  Read more »

Ghost Tours Haunt Tourists as Halloween Closes In

ghost tours

Halloween will not go unghosted this year. There are too many places to find hauntings, horrors and ghostly mayhem – and some of these places are truly scary.

Among them:  The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum. It’s guaranteed to make believers out of the most hardened of ghost hunters.  Read more »

Las Vegas Weddings: Still Wild and Whimsical

Weddings Las Vegas sign

Weddings, Las Vegas style, belong in a category all their own. They can be as cost-effective as rolling down the car window in a drive-up lane and saying “I do” or as elaborate as a train of barefoot vixens throwing rose pedals behind the marrying couple as their entry is announced by sentries and Caesars. They can be as whimsical as saying vows at a machine gun range or as fantastical as having Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lopez as best man and maid of honor. Sort of. Read more »

Turning up the Heat on Fall Travel: Packages


Autumn in New England: Leaf-Peeper Perfection at Hideaway in Maine

When the air turns crisp and the leaves start to turn, Migis Lodge, an upscale destination resort located on the pristine shores of Maine’s Sebago Lake, offers the perfect setting for romance and outdoor adventure. The comfort and charm of Migis Lodge provides an ideal backdrop for romantic walks, dinners overlooking the lake and cuddling by a wood-burning fireplace in a private cottage steeped in rustic luxury. Read more »