Air Travel 2018: Survival Guide

By Christopher Elliott

If you thought 2017 was a challenging year for airline passengers, just wait until you see what’s ahead.

That’s the consensus of airline experts, consumer advocates and frequent travelers. They say the domestic airlines have charted a course for this year that includes more fees and ticket restrictions and, inevitably, additional confrontations with unhappy customers. No one may be able to persuade the airline industry to change its flight plan, but passengers can take steps to ensure their vacations are relatively surprise- and problem-free in 2018. Read more »

Cruise Woos: Big Savings with Right Timing

A study by has found that booking the right cruise destination at the right time can realistically save travelers up to 71% off their chosen cruise.

The site’s massive study examined 18,983 sailings by region with departures in 2017, and found a surprising trend: as the date of departure approaches, cruise prices fluctuate to a greater extent. Some regions even show up to a 71% price reduction on fares. However, there are huge differences between destinations to keep in mind. Read more »

Luxury Travel to the Galapagos this Winter @Pikaia

Galapagos Luxury Pikaia Lodge

To most people, luxury travel to the Galapagos Islands means spending a week in these remote islands on a large legacy cruise line and crowding in line with a battalion of cruise mates to get a distant look at a blue-footed booby.

For those in the know, however, luxury travel to the Galapagos is best managed through one high-end and extremely hands-on 14-room luxury lodge. It’s a spot that may look like it’s in the in the middle of nowhere but is dead center when it comes to the confluence of evolution, nature, sustainability and pampering.  This is Pikaia Lodge on Santa Cruz Island in the Galapagos — closer to the pre-Cambrian era than it is to a Starbuck’s or coal-fueled power line.     READ MORE …

Nixing the Excuse for Not Taking a Cruise

why cruise

A record 27.2 million people will set sail in 2018, according to the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA). And cruising is growing faster than land-based vacations by 20 percent. Yet, while cruising is more popular than ever, those who have never cruised before may have misconceptions about what a cruise is really like.

There are plenty of reasons to take a cruise but some would be vacationers are coming up with no-go excuses. To those concerns, a list of objections to the objections, compiled by Carnival Corp., offers some unusual insights: Read more »

Family River Cruising: New Adventures by Disney

River cruises for families Disney


River Cruises are usually the quarry of adults and couples who want to float along slow rivers in Europe and Asia and experience cultures up close. But Adventures by Disney has created sailings that let families access these experiences in comfort. Read more »

Got Tickets? Why Use a Travel Agent

Travel Agents reason to use one

Do travel agents earn their keep? Travel Leaders certainly thinks so. At the recent New York Times Travel Show, the travel agent network listed the following reasons clients choose to stick with their travel advisors rather than go it alone: Read more »