Travel Packages to Stoke Holiday Wishes

Train travel in America

Riding the Rails in Luxury, Chicago to FLA

Pullman Rail Journeys is running a one-time holiday itinerary from Chicago to the “Sunshine State” for a New Year’s celebration.  Traveling in first-class rail style, the itinerary departs Chicago’s Union Station in restored Pullman cars the evening of Dec. 27, arriving at its southernmost stop of Miami the evening of Dec. 29. The return journey departs for Chicago from South Florida the morning of Jan. 2, 2015. Guests ride the Capitol Limited to Washington, D.C. and Silver Meteor along the East Coast routes. Historic menus will be served with renowned Pullman service for a timeless rail travel experience. Read more »

Uber, Airbnb Tap Business Travelers

Uber for Business

Disruption is the new black when it comes to fashionable trends in travel technology. The concept underlies the force of the new “shared” economy we are seeing today with such effective disrupters as Uber, Airbnb, Lyft, Sidecar and slew of travel apps that are hooking up travelers directly with suppliers in increasingly creative ways. The day of the middleman may soon disappear. Read more »

Airline Ticket Deals: The Sunday Secret Exposed

ARC surveys air deals

It might not come as a total surprise that some days are better for snagging airline deals than others. A recent drill down by ARC, the Airlines Reporting Corporation, discovered from its data that the least expensive air tickets were purchased on Sunday, regardless of a domestic or international destination. During the traditional Monday through Friday workweek, tickets bought on Tuesday were lowest. Read more »

Is Flying First Class a Thing of the Past?

Flying first class

While Elite rewards flyers are finding automatic upgrades becoming ever more elusive, the first class cabin, itself, may be going the way of the Edsel. Read more »

The Norman Tel Aviv: Boutique Luxury and Peace

Boutique Hotel Tel Aviv

Boutique hotels in Tel Aviv are few and far between, especially in this Mediterranean metropolis that came of age with seaside mega properties lining Herbert Samuel Street along the beach. The Norman Hotel, Tel Aviv’s newest luxury property that opened recently in the Rothschild Financial District of Tel Aviv may be signaling a departure from that era to a new moment of understated elegance presented in small residential-style properties proffering the personal touch. READ MORE

Unplugging for the Holidays

Family Vacations

If there is a secret to having a productive and enjoyable business trip, perhaps it is not about what you bring. Rather, it might be about what you don’t bring – for at least a period of time – while away from usual surrounds and that means mobile devices.

Unplugging from work and exploring the surroundings is a simple enough concept. In fact, researchers at the University of Edinburgh found that taking a walk outside can lessen brain fatigue and frustration and, therefore, increase levels of engagement. Read more »

America’s Most Haunted for Post-Halloween Chills

Haunted places

Halloween may be over, but the dead linger on… and on. Several haunted hot spots in the U.S. are not dependent on a Halloween moon to make the ghosts come out. Whether a visitor believes in ghosts or not, these places have been shown to be very active in paranormal activities, night after night, and those brave enough to visit are bound to have their senses challenged.

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