Dream Packages for Romance & Adventure

Private Train Silk Road

Powerball Five: Vacations for Lottery Winners

Private New Zealand Adventure – Kicking off with 35 days in New Zealand, this custom itinerary includes white-water rafting down the Rangitaiki River; hiking tours through national parks; wine tastings at historic wineries in the South Island’s Cromwell region; helicopter flights to remote locations; fly-fishing at top-tier lodges; tours of the glowworm-lined Waitomo Caves; and sailing through the Bay of Islands. After a month+ in New Zealand, the remaining nine days are spent in Hawaii at Maui’s Montage Kapalua Bay and Honolulu’s renowned hotel Halekulani. Read more »

The Way They Go: How Each Age Travels

Baby Boomer travels

A new AARP survey of 2016 travel trends finds that nearly all Americans, regardless of age, are planning to take a trip for leisure in the coming year. However, that’s where the commonalities end: Baby Boomers, Generation Xers and Millennials have distinctly different views on how to take a vacation.

Some 76 million Baby Boomers spend more than $120 billion annually on leisure travel, but a new survey by AARP indicates that not all generations travel alike. The three generations deviate on a wide array of trip details, including their booking methods, their lodging arrangements and even what they choose to pack. Read more »

2016 Travel Trends through the Eyes of Agents

Paris travel leaders

What are travel agents selling for 2016? According to one major collection of U.S. travel agents, it’s Orlando. Based on the findings from Travel Leaders Group’s authoritative 2016 Travel Trends Survey released this month, Orlando narrowly edges out Maui and Alaska cruises as the top ranked domestic destination being booked for 2016. Read more »

Bucket List Retreats and Resorts around the World

Bucket list travel africa

What’s on the bucket list for travel in 2016 and beyond? Whether you are an experienced traveler, an experienced travel advisor or an experienced dreamer, you are likely to know of a special place or two not to be missed tucked in between the pages of a life’s “to-do” list. But everyone could use a little more prodding and a dose of creativity to keep those vacation aspirations alive. Here is an A to Z list from Kurtz-Ahlers & Associates for what dreams may come with a little inspiration.


Top Travel Gadgets from CES 2016: The List

latest travel gadgets from CES

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas may be the best reflection of what the world has come to: overcrowding, lots of noise, a surfeit of wealth and a hunger for anything that can speed the heart speeding and create a momentary gasp of awe. If you are looking for cyber thrills, visual chills, audio that will make the earth quake or games that will shoot dopamine through ready veins, you will find them at CES, bigger, badder, better than they were the year before. Read more »

Easing into Istanbul

visiting istanbul

The current political climate is creating fear around travel to such places as Istanbul and that would be a shame given the deep and colorful history to be explored in all its corners. Turkey is an important tourist destination, where Travel & Tourism contributes around 12% of the country’s total GDP. Recent statements from the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) have condemned the attack in Istanbul and others like it over recent weeks but they also stress that tourism is a force for good, and that people should not and will not stop traveling in the face of these isolated incidents around the world.

Yes, Istanbul

If it is your first time in Istanbul, make it count. You can have a suite built for a pasha, literally, at the Ciragan Palace Kempinski Istanbul that dates back to 1862 or sleep with the muse of Agatha Christie at the (circa 1892) Pera Palace Hotel Jumeirah. Either way your night will be like none other. It will be steeped in history and, trust me, your dreams will be intense. Read more »

Spa Time in Tokyo: Ooedo-Onsen Monogatari

Onsen 4

By llene Perlman

For those who may have a full day in Tokyo, or even a week to see all the offerings, consider soaking up the options with a few hours in a Japanese Onsen.

After that initial first-day jet lag daze, a true way to gain insight into one of the favorite leisure time activities of the Japanese is to spend time at the ultimate Japanese hot springs spa (onsen) theme park called Ooedo-Onsen Monogatari. It opened in 2003 and has been going strong ever since. This over-the-top experience will appeal to everyone. It’s a Disney-like park of hot springs health and fun in the Odaiba area of Tokyo and includes a variety of hot springs, a game and food mall, a variety of spa services and lounges, and a roster of daily performances.   Read more »