Trip Insurance Trip-ups? Surprising Finds

travel insurance tricks


By Christopher Elliott

Trip insurance with a preexisting condition? Refund on a nonrefundable ticket? What’s possible might surprise you.

Connie Matlin wants to do the impossible: buy travel insurance for what she thinks is an uninsurable trip. “My family and I would like to travel to Europe this summer,” explains Matlin, a financial planner from Cleveland. “I want to purchase airfare as soon as possible to secure a good price, but I’m also nervous.” That’s because her husband has cancer, and although he’s doing well, “it can change at any time.” Also, her elderly father has Parkinson’s disease, and his condition is unpredictable as well. Is there any way to buy travel insurance? Read more »

Themed Cruises: Passion Plays on the High Seas


themed cruises 2018

Going  on a cruise vacation may be a heavenly way to travel. But going on a cruise with like-minded souls and immersing in the deep experience of a favorite interest while traveling to far off places on the high seas…. well, that is close to sublime. Read more »

Trisara Phuket: Luxe Leader at Top Thai Resort

trisara resort Phuket


Trisara Phuket puts a private luxury resort in Thailand on the map where visitors would usually find a phalanx of budget to mass market, to family-friendly inns eager to offer proximity to public beaches with a bunch of affordability. But if you are a celebrity (Trisara Phuket has been a fave with Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton) or want to be treated like one, choosing Trisara as your resort for a visit to Phuket, Thailand, ensures a seamless stay in stunning surroundings.  READ MORE …


Stuck at the Airport? See EU261 Passenger Rights

EU Passenger rights


A flight compensation company for passenger rights has found that in 2017 more than 1 million passengers traveling from the US may be entitled to over $555 million in airline compensation due to missed connecting flights. Read more »

Best and Worst Airlines: Passengers Weigh In

best and worst airlines

Airline travel. For most passengers, just the sound of it allows jolts of PTSD to crack into consciousness. It has become a constant struggle to avoid ultra-tight seating, hefty luggage fees, and itinerary-wrecking delays – a veritable crap shoot on every flight. But a small number of carriers try to deliver consistently good travel experiences, according to a recent readers survey conducted by Consumer Reports. Read more »

Mexico Made Easy: Top 10 Must Dos

Mexico things to do

Vacations to Mexico can mean much more than sun, endless baskets of tortilla chips and throwing back tequila lemon bites with shots. Beyond the beautiful beaches, turquoise waters and stunning coral reefs of Mexico lies a whole array of fun, fascinating and enriching experiences for travelers, as underscored here by a worthy list of Mexico vacation experts from Travel Leaders polled on their best of the best picks for Mexico.

Read more »