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What Money CAN Buy: $300k Baccarat Hotel Package

Baccarat Hotel New York is offering The Heritage Experience, a 12 Day, $300,000 journey that spans the United States, Europe and Asia, immersing guests in the opulence of Baccarat, where every detail is a designer showcase. Read more »

Airlines Reviewing the Benefits of Loyalty



Are airline mileage points here to stay? That depends on what you mean by “mileage points.” In fact, those points, once calculated mile for mile by distance flown may soon be a distant memory as more airlines get onboard with converting their mileage based frequent flyer programs to revenue based programs.

Delta and United already kicked these programs into a revenue tracks last year while American’s AAdvantage frequent flyer program is expected to convert as early as this month. Read more »

Protravel Agents Produce Summer 2016 Picks

UK Protravel

Protravel International has come up with its top ten international destination rankings for summer travel based on actual agent bookings thoughout the company.

Top spots for summer season this year? Read more »

Safaris with Drive: Micato Making a Difference

K-A Micato

Taking a safari across the equatorial plains of Kenya it’s hard to separate the land from the sky, or the reality from the dream. It’s a fantastical journey into an almost primeval time when the earth was pure and uncountable species of earth’s amazing creatures wandered freely amid the acacias and water fields. You can still find that world today, exquisite and unsullied with the help of knowledgeable African safari companies, like Micato. But while you watch the lions scout and the elephants roam, a looming question settles silently upon the landscape: How long will this last?   hemingway-wing-profile

On a recent trip across the Great Rift Valley with Micato Safaris, JoAnn Kurtz-Ahlers, executive director of travel promotion company, Kurtz-Ahlers & Associates, saw red smoke billowing up against the far horizon. There were water buffalo wading near the water hole just beyond the rocks ahead and a pride of lions napping in the shade of umbrella thorn trees nearby. All was right with the world. And all was wrong. The lurid fires seem to build in the distance and although these placid scenes of nature surrounding remained untouched, they were very much in danger.  READ MORE….


What’s Tracking at Eurail? Insights for 2016



What worked last year is likely a great perdictor of what will happen this year. At least that is the consideration Eurail is using as it unveils its 2015 North American travel insights report. The study, along with new product developments for 2016, can make Eurail an even more viable product for Europe-bound travelers for those who know what they are looking for. Growth in Eurail Pass sales for the U.S. and Canada increased last year by some 16 percent over 2014, and that is believed to be something that will increase again when trends are analyzed for 2016. Read more »

Vienna in a Day

Vienna Horse and carriage

Vienna, once the focus city of an empire, is now a glorious walkable confection on the edge of the Danube. It sparkles like a Klimt portrait in the light of day and unfolds with layer cake museums and palaces, comely corner coffee bistros and cobbled pedestrian corridors passing historic hidden alleyways. It is a city that is knowable and welcomes travelers curious enough and cultured enough to give the city a spin. Read more »

L.A.’s Star-Powered Stays

Los Angeles, at times described as a great big freeway, is oh so much more. Look beyond the lights of the traffic buzzing from the beaches to the boutiques and bistros and find the spotlights that have made the city shine since the beginning of the last century. Read more »