Best Time to Buy that Airline Ticket? Think 47

Buying an airline ticket

If you want to know the absolutely best time to purchase that air ticket you had better look at the numbers. CheapAir did. In fact they looked at 1.5 billion airfares to find the magic metric and that number is 47 days before departure. Read more »

Stylish Stays in New Delhi: The Lodhi

Luxury Hotels in India

The top luxury hotels in New Delhi are precious indeed. Demand often outstrips supply in the great capital city of India. But those visiting India on business or in search of pampered adventure will know exactly where to find the best accommodations in New Delhi, and no doubt of The Lodhi will be on top of the list.

Guests accustomed to staying at Aman Resorts will want to stay at The Lodhi, as this was an Aman Resort until last year. A lift here, paint there, and a new youthful do, The Lodhi is its own property now, as luxury minded as ever but with a chic persona that is making waves in Bollywood and beyond.


Sleep with Virgin, Tool with Tesla

Virgin hotel chicago

Virgin Hotels is offering guests daily car service to select areas in Chicago in a top-of-the-line red Tesla Model S. Guests wishing to tool around Chi-Town in style can simply ring the concierge and a Virgin Hotels representative will drive them to their destination. Read more »

Cruise Views from CLIA: A Brisk 2015

Cruise line in Asia

Despite fires, sickness, systems malfunctions and sinkings, the cruise industry is more robust than ever.

A record 23 million passengers are expected to sail this year, according to reports from the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA. Some 22 new ocean, river and specialty ships will be making their debut this year as Cruise lines entice travelers with nearly 1,000 ports of call in new, exotic locations, especially in the fast-growing Asian market. Read more »

A Moment in Mexico will Melt Winter’s Wrath

Winter vacation in mexico

While Mexico has its Day of the Dead pageants, its artful Frida Kahlo culture and its indigenous culinary enchantments, it also has sand – some 4,500 miles of it along the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of California alone. Neck deep in winter, residents of northern climes are creeping southward and finding that warm sand and cold tequila cocktails make great bedfellows. Read more »

Next Revolution in Hospitality: The Tech Evolution

Hilton app

Hilton Hotels has been busy spearheading a noticeable revolution in digital technology in hospitality. No, this is not about “Lost in Space” style robots that bring towels to guestroom doors nor the teleportation of meals to the room – yet. Rather, it is a quiet revolution in conveniences that can be commanded, easily and effortlessly, from the palm of the hand. Read more »

Last Minute Romance Packages

Fairmont Vancouver

Whether Valentine’s Day or any day, romance is in focus. That can be a romance of the heart or a romance of the road. Packages: Read more »