Millennial Travel Poll Shows Fierce Independence

millennial_travel_2016-1 leader

Always-connected, highly-mobile millennials are forging new norms for leisure and business travel, making technology, in-the-know experiences, and adrenaline-rush adventures rather than cookie-cutter vacation packages some of the most striking hallmarks of their world view and values. Read more »

The Best Beaches for Families in 2016


TripAdvisor’s family travel site has released its annual list of the Best Beaches for Families — naming the best beaches in the nation, specifically for families traveling with kids of all ages.

The report notes that families are looking for beaches that are not only safe and clean, but also locations that offer a level of convenience that meet the needs of those traveling with various age groups. Read more »

Hamak Hotel Group: Nature & Culture in Sublime Combinations


A trio of luxury hotel luminaries is making waves with some fresh approaches to hospitality, especially in Mexico and Colombia. Hamak Hotels may be the company to watch this year as hotel veterans Alberto Remirez, Nicolas Dominguez and Federico Carstens actively execute their dreams of creating unusual properties that preserve the age-old traditions and timeless presence of their locations.

Formerly of Prohotels Management and Hotel Ikal del Mar (currently known as Tides Riviera Maya), the team experience totaling more than 50 years is going into opening Chablé Destination Spa this summer as well as piquing the spirit and authenticity of Casa San Agustin.    READ MORE ….


Destination Immersion: Watchword at Azamara

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By Bill Becken

Luxury cruise lines naturally look for ways to leverage the acclaimed value and authenticity of their visits to foreign ports of call—stemming from the posts of guests, travel agents, or industry partners. Especially when you consider that, in this respect, some lines are more blessed than others—that is, they have a lot more going for them than meets the eye.

As an example: Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines’ Azamara Club Cruises, based in Miami, FL. In 2016, Azamara’s two continental-boutique-hotel-style, 694-passenger Renaissance-class vessels, the Azamara Journey and the Azamara Quest, will offer 48 different cruises and voyages, of between five and 18 nights’ duration.

Travel-Intel sat down with Azamara CEO, Larry Pimentel, to find out what is working these days for the cruise line and what may be ahead for 2016 and beyond.

Read more »

Best of the Baja: The Call of Los Cabos

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Perched at the bottom of the Baja Peninsula – that jagged arm that juts south into the Pacific from the crowded borders of California – are the rockin’ town of Cabo San Lucas and its art town neighbor of San Jose del Cabo. Together they comprise what is widely known as Los Cabos. In some ways the locations could not be more different but they are held together by a steady stream of visitor traffic flowing from a 20-mile corridor of hotels and resorts fondly tagged Millionaire’s Row. Read more »

Scandinavian Air Systems Blowing this Way


SAS Aircraft-in-air

SAS launched its first flight from Stockholm to Los Angeles last month in a move that represents the Scandinavian airline’s fifth direct to from the U.S. and part of its major long distance investment strategy.
The route between Copenhagen and Boston will start up in the end of March and in September SAS will start operating to Miami from both Copenhagen and Oslo. Although SAS has been flying between San Francisco and Copenhagen since 2012, the LAX route is an important milestone for the airline. Read more »

Travel Tips for Tax Refunds


Five Top Tax Refund Vacation Recommendations

Many American taxpayers wish to spend a tax refund on a vacation, according to a Nielsen Poll commissioned by H&R Block.

One travel agent network, Travel Leaders conjured up some great suggestions for where those refunds could get the most bang for the buck, along with travel tips for those consumers seeking vacation travel ideas based on spending this year’s tax refund.

Since the average 2016 tax refund hovers around $3,053, according to the Internal Revenue Service, recommendations offered here are within this budget. Here are five international travel packages for approximately $3,000*, as suggested by Travel Leaders travel agents: Read more »