Copenhagen: New Nordic Giant of Tastemaking

Nordic cuisine Copenhagen

Copenhagen can be wonderful, indeed, if you skip the mermaid selfie and head straight to Copenhagen’s hip meandering districts for some neo-Dansk design and adventures in New Nordic tastes.

Still a city built on fairytales, there is no better place to exchange modern-day myths than Copenhagen’s outdoor bistros serving legendary the smorgasbord and rich craftbeer. But Copenhagen, now a city of more than two dozen Michelin-starred menu venues, offers much more than open-faced sandwiches to tell the tale. Read more »

Wild India with Sujan Luxury

Sujan hotels india

Luxury surroundings meet idyllic landscapes and 19th century sandstone palaces with the rarefied stays offered by Sujan’s collection in India. The family-owned foursome of exquisite nature camps and a stately city stay blends well inside the Relais & Chateaux portfolio. Sufjan provides a mixture of unusual experiences of India that keep focus on authenticity – whether that means meeting the cunning gaze of a leopard, watching the sun rise over the Thar desert or spending nights amid the resonance of rajas and royalty in grand palaces from another age.  READ MORE…

Dubai: The City that is Never Done

city Dubai UAE

Dubai: City of Gold on stye Arabian Sea …

Looking more, at times, like a film set dreamed up by Stephen Spielberg or George Lucas than a modern city on the sands of the Arabian Gulf, Dubai begs to be noticed. And succeeds. Where Egypt built its monuments to the dead, Dubai raises its towers — each bigger, broader and more brazen than the last — to the living, as an iconic city eternally in search of itself and knowing the answer lives in the next amazing thing. Read more »

Shanghai Disneyland: Mickey Meets the Mainland

New Disney Shanghai plans

The Walt Disney Company unveiled key creative elements of Shanghai Disneyland recently offering first looks at Mainland China’s first Mickey-themed enterprise with its six themed lands filled with rides, attractions and live entertainment — many of them a first for a Disney park. Read more »

Las Vegas Power Pass: Turning Up the Juice

bargains las vegas

With Las Vegas welcoming a record-breaking 3.7 million visitors last month and more than 40 million a year, tourism to Sin City is going nowhere but up.

The Las Vegas Power Pass, a sightseeing card that helps visitors save time and money, is relaunching this month as a way to make the city more convenient,  accessible and expedient for those visitors as it packs in more punch than ever. Read more »

Travel Deals: Private Jets to Elephant Express

jet trips

Asia by Private Jet and Aman Luxury Hotel Stays

Asia the easy way – and easily the most luxurious – is now a pretty package to be sold through Frontiers International Travel.
This is a rare jaunt fusing Amanresorts with Remote Lands’ extraordinary private jet journey across Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, the Philippines and Japan. Read more »

Carry-on Bags: Battling over that Angry Inch

carry-on bag

With air travel rising and seat size shrinking it is not surprising that IATA (International Air Transportation Association) is proposing a new carry-on bag size and that size is significantly smaller than the current standard.

Problem is, most carry-on bags are operating in the current 22 x 14 x 9 inches in their dimensions, while new dimensions are reading 21.5 x 13.5 x 7.5 in a world where every half-inch counts.

While passengers may start to fret (and sweat) as their ever-trusted totes are snagged on the gangway portal and stuffed into bag measuring devices they no longer fit, luggage companies, too, are feeling the pinch. They may have to replace shelves of heretofore “perfect” overhead luggage items with those costly little adaptations. Read more »