Enchanting Packages and Travel Deals, Fall 2016

New Zealand tours

Where’s Elliott? In Search of Pete’s Dragon in New Zealand

Pete’s Dragon is alive and well and flying around New Zealand in the latest tours based on the the beloved children’s tale about a boy and his pet dragon that came to life on the big screen this summer. Now fans can book one of several Disney’s Pete’s Dragon trips to experience the filming locations and magic up close. Read more »

New Face of Vacation Evasion: Millennials

Creative people working at startup

Who are the worst offenders when it comes to forfeiting vacations and time off? If you guessed Millennials, surprisingly, for all their pampered and protected upbringing and expectations of comfort, you would be right.  Read more »

Fall Luxury Travel: Where are the 1% Vacationing?

Travel Luxury Fall

If you want to keep up with the Joneses, you might want to head where they are heading this fall for their Autumn getaways. It just so happens that the upscale travel network, Virtuoso, has taken the guess work out of answering this quest by examining some $35 billion in booking transactions to come up with the definitive list of destinations. Not surprisingly, luxury travelers are remaining true to European favorites, while turning their attention to warmer climes as the weather shifts at home. They also are seeking out more exotic locales worldwide, including a boom for African countries. Read more »

Battle for Comforts and Fares in the Air

crowded Airline seats

What’s to love about airline travel these days? Economy seats are cramped, flights are packed, and passengers pay an ever-expanding number of fees for things that used to be free …. the upshot? It’s pretty much the story with all the airlines, according to Consumer Reports in its latest investigation and airline ratings survey. Read more »

Wild China: Calm in the Heart of the Dragon

Wild China 1

China is one fiery dragon on the forefront of everything that moves the world these days and tourism stands at the center of its vision. As visitor numbers, both inbound and outbound, show no sign of slowing, one tour company in particular is making sure that those who want to see and experience the real China have all the support they need.
WildChina, was started in 2000 by Harvard Business School grad Mei Zhang, who believed authentic experiential travel is what the visitor to China truly seeks. She set out to perfect travel to China well beyond the Great Wall and has since served up rare and immersive itineraries that are usually missed by most mass tourism ventures. READ MORE

One Night in Bangkok? 20 Things to Do



Take a History Lesson

Start with a visit to The Grand Palace, undoubtedly one of Bangkok’s most famous landmarks.

Walk the expansive complex, which not only includes the former residence of the Thai monarch, but is also home to Wat Phra Kaew, the Temple of the revered Emerald Buddha.

The Golden Mountain (“Phu Khao Thong”) is also well worth a visit. As one of the tallest structures in Bangkok, it allows for some of the most stunning panoramic views of the city. Read more »

Colorado Calling: New Ski Packages and Hotels

Vacation winter colorado

Winter at the Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, CO

Coming off a record-setting winter travel season, Colorado is preparing to offer visitors in search of some of America’s best powder, some options for an excellent winter vacation. In destinations across the state, travelers can expect new and worthy experiences. Following is a sampling of what’s new this winter in Colorado. Read more »