Pets on a Plane: Take the Horse; Leave the Pig

The phrase “when pigs fly” could become a reality in the near future but for now, flying livestock will be restricted to miniature horses, according to new service animal policies that went live last month.

New Travel Accessories Travelers Never Knew They Needed

The annual Travel Goods showcase in Las Vegas this year brought forth plenty of new luggage and carry-on solutions as well as new ways to rest on a plane. But the show, which collects buyers and manufacturers in this $31.1 billion market, also highlighted solutions for things not always identified as problems. Here’s a run […]

Is This the Airline Seat of the Future?

Small is may not be so beautiful – for airline passengers, that is, if current concepts in economy seat design get a foothold in the airline industry.

Apps for travel

Travel Apps More Trouble than They’re Worth?

A traveler hits unexpected traffic on the way to the airport and isn’t quite sure where to return the rental car. In the terminal, there’s a huge line at check-in and uncertainty about the departure gate number because the mobile app on the traveler’s smartphone won’t load. Sound familiar?

Great Plains Conservation

Before You Can’t: Travel Worth Targeting in 2019

For those who keep a bucket list, there is no time like the new year to check off the progress. Experienced wanderers or experienced dreamers, there are plenty of special places yet to be crossed off on life’s to-do list. According to a recent survey conducted by AARP, travel is the top aspiration for Americans […]

Uber Air next innovation

Drones on the Road: Uber Air at CES 2019

Las Vegas is currently one of two cities in the U.S. allowing for consumer testing of driverless ridesharing cars. But the city got a look at another driverless option in getting around the city from CES2019 recently: the driverless heli-taxi. While the annual Consumer Electronics Show presented a prototype of the new aerial hybrid vehicle […]