Ports of Call: Shoring up the Off-Ship Experience

A cruise vacation means sailing on a beautiful ship, with comfortable accommodations, fine cuisine and more tantalizing activities than one can possibly do in a week. It also means visiting fascinating ports of call just about every day. So, the question becomes, what’s the best way to take advantage of exploring these iconic destinations?


Move Over Vegas. We’re Cruising to Alaska

Amy Hurley of Boston cruised in Alaska in 2017 with three generations of her family. Outside of Ketchikan, she had a jaw-dropping moment – the kind you dream about in anticipation of a cruise to a bucket list destination. “We saw four whales spiraling down to create a whirlpool to get food and jump up with their mouths open,” said […]


Themed Cruises: Passion Plays on the High Seas

  Going  on a cruise vacation may be a heavenly way to travel. But going on a cruise with like-minded souls and immersing in the deep experience of a favorite interest while traveling to far off places on the high seas…. well, that is close to sublime.


Trouble Spots on the High Seas? Look to the Bugs

  When it comes to taking a cruise it is not surprising that the top concern of most onboard travelers is the prospect of coming back sick. In fact, in a recent survey of 2,289 U.S. cruisers who purchased in insurance during the past 24 months through InsureMyTrip, the vast majority of cruisers ended up […]


Cruise Woos: Big Savings with Right Timing

A study by Cruisewatch.com has found that booking the right cruise destination at the right time can realistically save travelers up to 71% off their chosen cruise. The site’s massive study examined 18,983 sailings by region with departures in 2017, and found a surprising trend: as the date of departure approaches, cruise prices fluctuate to […]