Las Vegas hotel fees

Hotel Fees: Are They Here to Stay?

If you have been to a hotel or a resort lately, you likely saw some unexpected hotel fees tacked on to the bottom of your bill. Hotel and resort fees are nothing new. We have been seeing “fee creep” for years and find ourselves either accepting these unwanted pests as part of the price of […]

Top hotel in the world

Best of the Best: Top Hotels 2019, According to Virtuoso

Global luxury travel network Virtuoso revealed this year’s winners in its Best of the Best awards, taking votes from its 20,000 travel advisors in 50 countries in categories ranging from best wellness program to best dining experience. Not surprisingly, Four Seasons Hotel George V was crowned with the most prestigious prize: Hotel of the Year. The 2019 Virtuoso Best […]

Best hotel mattresses

Seeking ZZZs? Book the Ritz

What’s more important than the minibar, the sleek lobby and mints on the pillow? For frequent travelers that would be sleep. Hotels interested in building loyalty find they can please their customers with stand-out lodging experiences, but if they want to wow and delight them, they need to beat the competition on the bed. According […]

Where to stay in Santorini

Andronis Exclusive Turning Heads in Santorini

In the spirit of summer, Santorini is a special Greek isle and destination that is graced with eternal sunshine, beautiful landscapes, picturesque sea views, and decadent fresh Greek cuisine. Quaint luxury hotels in Santorini are not hard to find, yet each tailors to a specific  preference. Andronis Exclusive brings an extensive portfolio of luxury suites, honeymoon retreats, villas, […]