From the Numbers: Most Booked Destinations

According to the latest numbers from, U.S. travelers are heading to Las Vegas and New York most frequently when traveling locally. Those who wandered abroad frequented London and Paris more than any other international destinations. Read more »

Tax Trips: Fun with Refunds

Tax Relief: Seven Trip Tips for that Hefty Refund Check

The average American’s tax refund is approximately $3,120. While some may suggest paying off debt or saving it for a rainy day, in fact there may be no better use for a tax payout than a tax-funded vacation! Here are seven top tax trip tips to consider for those ready to take a break from the rat race and start traveling. Read more »

10 Best Beaches for Family Vacations

Summer at the Del Coronado in San Diego

Summer Vacation usually means beach vacations – make that beach vacations for families. TripAdvisor acquisition, Family Vacation Critic, believes ten U.S. beaches in particular should be considered should a family beach vacation be in the offing for summer 2017. This year’s list of winning beaches includes:

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Trump Hotels: Are Travelers Just Saying No?

While Donald Trump’s approval ratings may have dropped to new percentage lows, his namesake hotels may also be dropping their booking numbers. According to a new survey released this month, 63 percent of vacationers say they would not stay in a Trump hotel. Read more »

To See Africa is to Save it: Conservation Safaris

Going on a conservation safari, or eco-tour, in Africa may bring you one step closer to saving the earth before it’s too late. And companies, such as Great Plains Conservation, believe that seeing Africa’s primordial wonder and knowing about its corresponding destruction, may be the best way to drive home the reality that our world is in peril but may still be saved.

To that end, Great Plains Conservation along with a few other tour operators that host travel to Africa recently took steps to outline how governments can limit wanton hunting and trade in Africa – a move promoted when the South Africa government recently announced that a quota of 800 skeletons of captive-bred lions would be allowed for export annually. According to Great Plains Conservation and the other signatories, any such legal trade mechanism can open up channels for traders to launder illegally obtained bones from wild animals. READ MORE …


7 Divine Drive Destinations in Germany

Auto Europe has released what it believes are the top seven self-drive destinations in Germany for North American tourists exploring by car. Destinations are based on the pickup location of reservations made from late 2016 and early 2017 and consider reviews of global travel data in the analysis.

“Germany has always been one of the top destinations for our clients,” said Imad Khalidi, CEO of Auto Europe. “It is a welcoming country with rich history and beautiful castles that are easy to explore by car.” Read more »

Coolest New Museum in LA

The Museum of Ice Cream opened its doors to the West Coast this month claiming sunny Los Angeles as its second location. Stationed in downtown L.A.’s burgeoning arts district, Museum of Ice Cream takes visitors on an experiential ice cream journey of forbidden tastes. Read more »