Where Have All the Families Gone?

Florida family vacation

Florida still reigns when it comes to family vacations, according to two new surveys: one by TripAdvisor and the other out by Family Fun Magazine.

TripAdvisor’s recent 2014 survey of more than 2,700 U.S. respondents revealed that 92 percent plan to travel with family this year, up from 85 percent from last year. Of those taking family trips, 55 percent will travel with their spouse and children, and 20 percent will travel with their extended family. Read more »

Dubai Goes the Distance with Grand Plans

tourism in dubai

Dubai may have started as a sleepy fishing village on a cove in the Persian Gulf but now it is growing, morphing, building, and changing faster than you can say “Las Vegas.”

So fast is the movement of Dubai into the mainstream of tourism that it has won a position amid TripAdvsior’s top 25 most popular holiday destinations. Last year, the Emirate received more than 11 million visitors – some 510,000 from the U.S. as its 4rth largest tourism market.

What this means is that Dubai has an eye for what it seeks and the means to make it happen. While rich Uncle Abu Dhabi has the oil, Dubai has always had to rely on its own wits and, with a little help from its neighboring Emirate, cast an eye to the future with a vision and intent to turn tourism into its own oil. Read more »

Business Travel’s Big Rebound from Winter’s Woes

Business travelers

With winter now behind us the forecast is clear and warm for business travel, according to projections by the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA). Driven by healthy corporate profits, rising management confidence, increased job development and an effort to reschedule the scores of meetings cancelled this winter because of raging storms, 2014 looks all in all to be an excellent year for business travel. Read more »

NYC’s Landmark Park Central Hotel Gets a Lift

New York vacation

By Stacey Zable, Family Travel Editor

The Park Central Hotel New York, originally built in 1927, re-opened in October following a multi-million dollar renovation. In addition to its fresh new rooms and accommodating staff, the main selling point of this property is its ideal location, which is on 7th Avenue between 55th Street and 56th Streets. Find it near many of the city’s top attractions, including Central Park and Times Square, with countless restaurants and shops right outside its door. Visitors also may be interested in knowing that the historic property has played host to such celebrities and iconic figures as Jackie Gleason, Frank Sinatra, Mae West and Eleanor Roosevelt, who kept a suite at the hotel.  Read more »

Cruise Industry Getting an Unwanted Spotlight

Cruise poll

There’s an old addage that states how one bad apple can spoil the whole barrel. While it may not be applicable across all industries, from a perceptual standpoint a single brand’s debacle can mean a downgrade among all players in the industry.

Such has been the case with the cruise industry, which bas been battered over the past year by brand-specific crises that appear to have impacted perceptions across many industry mainstays. Read more »

Finding Soul in Newfoundland: Fogo Island Inn

Fogo Islanf Newfoundland

Fogo Island off the coast of Newfoundland might be considered the edge of the earth, where souls are lost – and found. Looking over the tides of this far away world is the Fogo Island Inn whose rocky perch above the roiling North Atlantic presents a perspective like none other in a place like none before.  READ MORE…

Game of Thrones, Dracula: Travel with Imagination

GAme of Thrones

Game of Thrones Tour Captures Thrill of HBO Series

Whether it’s King’s Landing on the cliffs of Dubrovnik or a suburb of Zrnovnica, which will serve as the setting for a climactic battle in Season 4, travelers can recreate the story, the fantasy and much of the contributing history that is going into the Game of Thrones series through an immersive Croatian itinerary by Zicasso Tours. Read more »