Top Picks for Travel that Matters


Virtuoso, the international network of luxury travel agencies, has revealed its prestigious Best of the Best hotel awards, now ten years in the running. The list takes in things that matter in travel and offers up properties that perform where story, place, experience and taste converge. Read more »

Excellent End of Summer Packages

travel the-ayeyarwady

New Strand Cruise Shorexes on the Ayeyarwady River

The Strand Cruise is offering a new menu of a la carte shore excursions for more personalized travel in mystical Myanmar. The 28-cabin Strand Cruise operates three- and four-night itineraries between the ancient cities of Bagan and Mandalay. Each day, passengers are invited to participate in a specially curated itinerary of shore excursions that includes the highlights of a journey along the river, including the pagodas at Mingun and Sagaing, as well as the beautiful temple of Maha Aungmye Bonzan in Ava and the iconic U-Bein bridge. For example, they may have read or researched a particular pagoda in Bagan that they would like to visit that is not within the regular Strand Cruise itinerary. Or they would like to see the riverside Lawkananda pagoda, with its relics of Buddha.  Alternatively photography enthusiasts may wish to be taken to a particular spot, such as the Sagaing hill pagoda, the highest viewpoint in Sagaing. Read more »

Guide to Philadelphia: Beyond the Convention



As Philadelphia prepares for the Democratic National Convention to be held July 25-28, no doubt delegates, mediaphiles and political junkies who flow into the city will be wondering what to do, what to eat and what to see in the country’s first World Heritage town.

To start, the convention will be happening at the Wells Fargo Center in South Philadelphia and getting around this revolutionary city will be no walk in the park. The following is an intro primer to Philadelphia to help politicos and tourists alike take on the town. Read more »

Heaven on Earth? Or Private Island in the Bahamas?

Musha Cay

Musha Cay may be the top place in the Bahamas to have a magical vacation with your significant other – or 23 of your favorite friends – but don’t be surprised if you see more than you expect of that magic you are seeking.
Musha Cay is David Copperfield’s idea of what a vacation should look like and the illusions may be real. The co-producer of the hit film, “Now You See Me 2” that took off in theaters across the country last month, has a thing or two to say about what happens when fantasy meets reality on an idyllic island in the Bahamas. READ MORE …

Are Americans Taking Back Summer?

Summer vaca

According to Project: Time Off, more than half of American workers had unused paid leave at the end of 2015, resulting in up to 658 million wasted vacation days. But according to Hotwire, they may not be leaving vacation on the table, they may just be getting smarter about when they travel and where.

Best time to travel this summer

According to the Hotwire’s massive booking data, these are the best times to travel during the summer months for savings.

  • Weekend of August 30
  • Weekend of September 13
  • Weekend of August 23
  • Weekend of September 20
  • Weekend of September 27
  • Weekend of September 06
  • Weekend of August 16
  • Weekend of July 12
  • Weekend of July 5
  • Weekend of July 19
  • Weekend of August 2
  • Weekend of August 9
  • Weekend of July 26

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Protecting a Vacation: 6 Must-Ask Questions

Vacay gone wrong

While most travelers and vacationers feel traveling should be experienced like a weekend at Disneyland, few know that they are at their most vulnerable during a long-distance vacation.

Travel insurance can’t prevent bad things from happening on a vacation, but it may be able to protect the traveler’s financial investment, according to the Insurance Information Institute.

For consumers worried that an extreme weather event or political unrest might affect their vacation plans, travel insurance may be able to provide answers. But that is only if the right questions are asked first. Read more »

Boomer Study: Top Gripes, Gratifications in Travel


AARP Travel, which tracks America’s 76 million baby boomers who spend over $120 billion annually in leisure travel, recently came up with the top gripes and top “greats” that boomers say color their experience of travel. Although they are less stressed, Boomers are not travelling without hiccups. According to the research, clearing security, flight delays at the departure airport and lack of legroom – in flight – make up the primary stressors in travel.

“Travel is the number one aspirational activity for the boomer generation, and we are seeing Boomers tend to be more relaxed during the air travel experience than younger travelers and a third of them have embraced travel technology – much like their younger counterparts.  A key difference, however, is that Boomers actually take advantage of airport amenities – unlike Gen-Xers and Millennials who often arrive for flights just in time to board,” says Sami Hassanyeh, SVP, Digital Strategy and Membership.

Other important survey highlights: Read more »