Year of Intrepid Travels: Virtuoso Eyes 2016


Travelers head to exotic hot spots such as Cuba and Croatia

What do travelers really want? If you ask Virtuoso agents, they may be able to tell you a story you did not expect to hear.  The results from the 2016 Virtuoso Luxe Report indicates the five must-have experiences of 2016 have more to do with what’s going on inside perhaps than what’s going on in the surrounding place. Read more »

Winter Escapes: Where to Go to Snub the Snow

Swimming Palau

A&K Exotics: Inspiring Expeditions by Geoffrey Kent

Winter escapes can use a bit of imagination and vigor. Of all the untold journeys Abercrombie & Kent founder Geoffrey Kent has planned in the past fifty years, these may be the most remarkable. Inspiring Expeditions by Geoffrey Kent head to far-flung destinations to offer unmatched luxury and exclusivity. The inaugural journey, Treasures of Palau (November 13-21, 2016), explores the world’s preeminent destination for ocean exploration, in the utmost style — aboard the exclusively chartered superyacht, MS ‘Saluzi.’ Read more »

Ocean Cruise Primer: How to Hit the Right Fit

New Cruise primer

These days, with hundreds of cruise ships vying to catch the eye and interest of travelers, a travel agent’s expertise is invaluable when sorting through the myriad choices facing consumers in this ever-expanding universe of cruise options.  Consumers should seek out a cruise specialist to help guide them to a ship that’s the right fit for them.  For travelers who aren’t savvy about the cruise industry’s offerings, buying a cruise from an impersonal Online Travel Agency or OTA is a crapshoot that can result in a vacation that underwhelms, or worse, under-delivers their expectations. Read more »

River Cruising & Burn-out Cures. Q/A with Viking

river cruise europe viking

Richard Marnell, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Viking River Cruises, shows weary road warriors and vacation-starved American workers where the R&R is on water between meetings, reports and flights. Read more »

Pikaia: Evolution Meets Luxe Revolution in the Galapagos

luxury at Pikaia galapagos

If there is such a thing as luxury lodging in the Galapagos it can be found in a carbon neutral resort stay at Pikaia Lodge. A stay at Pikaia is a vacation like no other, delivering the finest show on earth that evolution has to offer in fully inclusive packages that put guests in the center of rare natural splendor untouched by humans on land and on sea. READ MORE …


Hawaii’s Hidden Japan

Japan in Hawaii


To find your inner Japan in the sprawling Hawaiian Islands you need only to look around you. The islands are replete with Japanese monuments, traditions and sensibilities. Here is a guide to where east meets west in Hawaii.
Read more »

Wine Expert Tips to Savoring Sonoma

sonoma travel

As the leading wine and food destination in the U.S., California attracts culinary travelers from across the globe. With dozens of wine regions to explore, Wine Institute has turned the spotlight on a Sonoma this month, highlighting where to sip, eat, drink and play in Sonoma County, the largest producer of Pinot Noir in California. Read more »