Future Travel: The Disruption and Innovation

travel crystal ball

Start-ups and tech giants have some big edges over today’s travel suppliers in their unceasing efforts to develop comprehensive, personalized solutions to customer pain points during the travel journey.

A new report by Boston Consulting Group shows how innovation is restructuring the travel industry, and new solutions belong to those companies that collect data, manage it effectively, and break down data silos to develop the most comprehensive — and personalized — picture possible of the travel customer. Read more »

Romantic Delights and Adventurous Possibilities

Valentines day travel

Valentine’s Day Adventure Travel Wish List

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, many of us have romance on the mind. If you are looking to rekindle flames or enchant your significant other with something extraordinary, consider these five romantic retreats. From “glamping” in the Colorado Rockies to touring Italy by bike or escaping to Robinson Caruso Island, these are the kinds of adventures that make you fall in love all over again. Read more »

Travel Abroad: Pain Points and Cures

onboard travel

Just in time for 2016 vacation planning, Monograms – an international travel company and part of the Globus family of brands – has unveiled results from a new “Traveling Better” study spotlighting travelers’ views about the good ways (and not-so-good ways) to travel the world.  The nine-question survey of 1,168 world travelers sought to learn about what travelers value most when vacationing in a foreign destination. Read more »

Wellness Travel 2016: Tech Trends and Top Resorts

K-A wellness

Some of the top trends in Wellness for 2016 may have as much to do with technology as they do with rejuvenation. Fresh from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016 come no shortage of gizmos to track heart rate, steps, where you have been, where you are going and, of course, calories. And straight from Wellness Travel leader Kurtz-Ahlers & Associates, the best places to go for 2016.  READ NOW …

Stockholm Pops with New City Pass

Stockholm city pass

Sightseeing in Sweden’s capital Stockholm is easier than ever with the use of the new Stockholm Pass, (http://www.stockholmpass.com) that essentially puts  “the whole city in a card.” Read more »

Fest or Famine: In Pursuit of the Perfect Orchid

Orchid fests

By Susan McKee

Orchids are the perfect winter flower. Prolific product of the tropics, whether grown in a greenhouse or “wild” in a rainforest, their colors, shapes and scents attract travelers.

Travelers can add an orchid show to an existing itinerary – or opt for an orchid-centered tour. The choices this season are many. Read more »

Next Stop, Indiana: Quirky Museums not to Miss

Susan Fan story

by Susan McKee

Antique fans are shiny toys. Perched like rare birds on glass display shelves, they preen with gleaming metal blades, polished chrome safety cages and glowing varnished wood holders, attached electrical cords neatly coiled at the ready.

When I heard about the Antique Fan Museum in Zionsville, Indiana, I imagined something like my grandmother’s attic with dusty old appliances stacked in boxes. This is more like a showroom, which is logical because it’s located in the same building as Fanimation, which manufactures all kinds of ceiling fans for homes, offices and anywhere else. Read more »