Survey of Affluence: New Drivers of Luxury Travel

Survey of affluence

What does the future hold for luxury travel? The top layer of wealth in the U.S. is only getting wealthier and spending, although taking on shadows of more careful decision making, is in no process of slowing.

Rather, a new survey by TIME Inc and YouGov shows that luxury spending and luxury travel spending among affluent and wealthy households in the U.S. will increase by approximately 6.6%over the next year — driven in large part by double-digit increases in spending among millennials.

The Study has been monitoring the spending habits of the wealthy one percent of Americans for the past decade and presents an in-depth profile of the world’s most elite consumers, Insight comes from some 6,141 affluent respondents in 14 countries (2,958 in the U.S.). Read more »

Summer Travel Deals: Just Getting Started

Silversea cruise summer travel deals

Summer Travel Deals and More on Silversea

Summer travel deals can be found about luxury cruises, too. Ultra-luxury Silversea Cruises is reintroducing its popular Silver Select promotion with enhanced savings options available for a limited time on 52 worldwide voyages in 2015, including select expedition cruises. Read more »

Traveler’s Lament: Was I Supposed to Leave a Tip?

Tipping while traveling

To tip or not to tip. For travelers, what to do about tipping while traveling can be a vexing question. While in America tipping is a standard and usually at 15 percent on services, in other countries, such as China as an example, tipping is not only frowned upon it is often against customs and laws. But while you might get scored for tipping a taxi driver in Beijing, your tour guide expects it and depends on it.

To help American travelers cut through the tipping tangle and help them decifer the deal on tips, country to country, compiled information from TripAdvsior, Condé Nast and other travel-focused publishing arms and established an A-Z guide of 25 countries and the tipping etiquette they require. Read more »

Kiwi Quests: New Zealand Adventures with a Twist

Kiwi adventures

New Zealand packs in the possibilities – from the New Zealand weather that is always cool when it’s sweltering in the U.S., and warm when it’s biting cold in these parts – and its extreme landscapes that give character to some of the world’s most popular fantasy films.

The antipodean nation in the southern seas also offers one of the widest ranges of experiences one can have per square mile. These include civilized afternoons having Wedgewood high tea in The Langham in Auckland to four-wheeling through windswept hills full of sheep and eyeing craggy glaciers in the distance near Canterbury, to dropping off a bridge over the Kawarau River in an act of breath-stopping bungee bravery. READ MORE …

Golf Vacation: Taking a Swing at the Greens

Golf Vacation Mexico

Is a golf vacation on the horizon? Whether you are a travel agent trying to give the best of your knowledge to a client or a golf enthusiast planning on a well-deserved retreat, here is a collection of savvy golf vacation tips to consider, and some premium courses that won’t disappoint. Read more »

Norwegian Getaway: Lido’s Lead on Casual Dining

Buffet on Norwegian Getaway

By David Yeskel

Is the Lido the new high seas culinary battleground?  As mass market cruise lines have steadily improved the quality and selection of their main dining room fare, their attention seems to be turning to the vitally important – but oft-disregarded – Lido casual dining operation. And it’s about time.  After all, the majority of cruise passengers typically eat breakfast and lunch in the buffet area, with an ever-growing percentage having dinner there as well. Read more »

Top Worries, Top Plans, for Travelers this Summer

Hurricane and travel


What’s worrying travelers these days? Hurricanes. That’s if you consider recent surveys compiled by the folks at, whose business it is to know these things.

Indeed, probably the top concern for summer travelers peering into their upcoming vacations is a question of whether some category 4 sweeping in from the Gulf will send them running for cover. Survey findings reveal that unexpected weather concerns have a significant impact on trip insurance purchases for summer travelers, and also an impact on what travel plans they do end up making. Read more »