What Do Travelers Want? New Survey says “More!”

travel story

American Express Travel is taking the pulse of travelers and coming up with some insightful trends in travel. A new survey, released this week at a yearly conference held this month in Orlando, FLA spots three new prime movements in travel, according to consumers, that were not necessarily so significant in the past: the demand for guidance, the demand for experiences, and the need to work with agents in spite of diligent research.

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Travel Packages with a Creative Twist

Montana vacation

Paws Up adds Grandma to Luxury Ranch Packages

With a new “Grannies Gone Glamping” package, the Resort at Paws Up (35 miles from MSO) is making it easier to bring the whole brood out West for a family vacation that will include adventure for kids and pampering for granny. Read more »

Ebola Watched by Airports and Travel Agents

U.S. airports and ebola

Ebola may be cutting into travel plans despite facts of geography and containment. While the virus is mostly limited to countries in West Africa, namely Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone, American travelers are postponing plans to head to East and South Africa on safari. Read more »

Two New Odes to Art & Life in Chile and Uruguay

New Boutique Resort in Chile

At Vik Retreats, fast becoming a force for vacations in Uruguay and Chile, you might say life imitates art. The passions of Connecticut-based financier-turned-hospitality-and-lifestyle magnate, Alexander Vik, have produced three exquisite lodging properties – and soon to be four – that make an art of fine living in feats that take the raw elements of surrounding beauty and infuse them in to canvases of immersive experiences.    READ MORE


Carnival LIVE Rocks the House at Sea

Carnival Cruise Rock n Roll cruises

By David Yeskel

In a continuing effort to ratchet up the quality of its onboard entertainment offerings, Carnival this year introduced the Carnival LIVE Concert Series, an initiative that appears to be paying dividends among the line’s core passenger base while also appealing to first-time cruisers.  While onboard Carnival Inspiration’s 4-day Baja Mexico cruise from L.A. last month, I joined 900 other rocking souls to experience ‘70s pop-rock band Styx perform in the ship’s theater during a port call in Catalina Island. Read more »

Virgin Hotels: Sneak Peek

Virgin opens hotel in chicago

Coming to Chicago in January, the first glimpses of this next opus by Sir Richard Branson comes with a cascade of well-placed rumors: shampoo that smells like Beyonce’s hair; dryers that come with “beard” settings; chambers within chambers; stratospheric threadcounts and everything managed from the touch of an app. Read more »

Managed Travel 2.0 Creating Busy Corporate Buzz

Business travel

Managed Travel 2.0 is quickly becoming a topic in board rooms and corporate travel departments these days as companies such as Uber and Airbnb dig in to the landscape of mainstream travel.

For corporate travel managers, who control roughly half of the $292.3 billion travel industry in the United States today, the concept can be a double-edged sword. Most of these managers work to enforce travel policies that require employees to book the cheapest available option through set distribution channels, such as corporate travel agencies. Read more »