Romancing the World: Luxe Travel Tips

romance Paris


While Valentine’s Day may be synonymous with romance in some circles, romantic vacations can last well beyond the bounds of Cupid’s arrows. The luxury travel experts with Travel Leaders Group offer five destination tips for romancing couples seeking an intimate getaway, along with ways they can add spice to their life, regardless of when they travel.

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What are the Best Hotels in the World?

Best Luxury hotels


How do you pick the best hotels in the world? First it depends on where they are. Second, it may help to have a way of sifting through data on 24,000 luxury hotels across the USA, Europe, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean for starters. Fortunately, the numbers crunchers at U.S. News & World Report had plenty of tools and support for this task and found ways to measure just what makes a hotel “best” for 2018.

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Arakur Ushuaia: Luxury Stays in Antarctica

arakur ushuaia

Antarctica and luxury lodging do not necessarily roll off the tongue with a smooth air. Rather, thoughts of Antarctica evoke notions of hard living and dying in one of the world’s harshest environments. But a siren’s song from the bottom of the world is making Antarctica into a bucket list destination that can now be managed with luxury lodging and comfort, thanks to Arakur Ushuaia — located at the nethermost tip of Argentina. READ MORE …

Dizzying Dubai Reaches for the Stars


city Dubai UAE


What happens when the destination is the destination? We are all familiar with Las Vegas, a feint of lights, water, action and wealth surrounded by an immense desert of scrub and sand. Take away the gambling, however, and you get Dubai. The manufactured bauble of a city rising fast from the Arabian sands sees nothing but growth and innovation on the horizon, but the glimmers from this mesmerizing specter are hardly a mirage. Read more »

Luxury Hotel Program with a Glimmer of Dubai

jumeirah hotels


Jumeirah Hotels & Resorts are regarded as among the most luxurious and innovative in the world and have won numerous international travel and tourism awards. The Dubai-based company was founded in 1997 with the aim to become a hospitality industry leader through establishing a world class portfolio of luxury hotels and resorts. They now number 17, with nine hotels and resorts in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and the balance spanning London, the Maldives, Spain, Germany, Kuwait and China.

Recently, the company launched Jumeirah Beacon as a way to bring travel advisors up to date with Jumeirah’s luxury products. The program helps agents not only in understanding the key differences and selling points, but in shedding light on Jumeirah’s growth as a lifestyle brand.  Read more »

Trouble Spots on the High Seas? Look to the Bugs


When it comes to taking a cruise it is not surprising that the top concern of most onboard travelers is the prospect of coming back sick. In fact, in a recent survey of 2,289 U.S. cruisers who purchased in insurance during the past 24 months through InsureMyTrip, the vast majority of cruisers ended up experiencing some kind of travel itinerary disruption during a trip. Of those, nearly a quarter (24 percent) filed a travel insurance claim for a cruise-related issue. Health reasons led the majority of those claims with travelers.

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