Dizzying Dubai Reaches for the Stars

    What happens when the destination is the destination? We are all familiar with Las Vegas, a feint of lights, water, action and wealth surrounded by an immense desert of scrub and sand. Take away the gambling, however, and you get Dubai. The manufactured bauble of a city rising fast from the Arabian sands […]


Luxury Hotel Program with a Glimmer of Dubai

  Jumeirah Hotels & Resorts are regarded as among the most luxurious and innovative in the world and have won numerous international travel and tourism awards. The Dubai-based company was founded in 1997 with the aim to become a hospitality industry leader through establishing a world class portfolio of luxury hotels and resorts. They now […]


The A-List: 11 Bucket List Trips for 2018

Will this be a bucket list year for travel plans? 2017, a tough year for U.S. politics and upending developments popping onto the world stage, may have some relief in sight. 2018 is a new day and a new year and we believe it is one that will see a spike in bucket list trips. […]

The Norman: Luxury Boutique Hotel in Tel Aviv

If you are searching for a boutique hotel in Tel Aviv, the choices are bounteous and range from crowded hostels to quaint residences on quiet streets. However, searching for a luxury boutique hotel in Tel Aviv can be quite another story. Luxury hotels in Tel Aviv, until recently, have been few and far between and […]