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Travel Trends in 2020: Where the Hotspots Are

When it comes to analyzing travel trends, Expedia uncovered a variety of themes across flights, hotel stays, searches, bookings, and experiences for the year ahead. Based on a robust analyses of US traveler data, Expedia’s 2020 Trends is show a hunger for roads less traveled next year: “When we looked at where travelers went in […]

Visit japan olympics summer

Japan’s Quirky Festivals: Great Sidetrips Around Tokyo’s Summer Olympics

Fifty-six years after the Tokyo Olympic Games of 1964, the Japanese capital will be hosting these world events for the second time, from July 24 to August 2020. And while the games will be thrilling enough the Japanese matsuri, or festivals, offer travelers an opportunity to escape the crowds and experience Japan’s rich cultural heritage […]

Tourism to Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Parts the Veils on Tourism

Much as a woman in niqab may show her face for a flash as she adjusts the dark mask of her robes, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been exposing slivers of tourism possibilities to the west and then concealing them again in a play of calculated flirtation – until now. Travelers have long held […]

Global Travel Booms as Inbound US Travel Bombs

While people around the globe may be traveling more than ever tourism to the US is taking a dive, according to reports from the World Tourism Organization and the US Travel Association. The number of international tourist arrivals around the world reached 1.4 billion last year — a 6 percent increase and a bar reached […]

Safari in Africa

Africa’s Green Season: A Hidden Gem for Safari Choices

Africa has its own seasons. From November to April, while American and European families are donning winter coats and pushing through winter’s wrath, the great plains of Kenya are springing to life with fresh green growth on hardy acacias and lofty crotons and flaming red blooms on ubiquitous tulip trees. In Southern Africa, along the […]