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Riding the Amber Waves to the U.S.A.

The U.S. is on a winning streak when it comes to attracting visitors. U.S. Commerce Secretary John Bryson says the United States can expect a 4-5 percent average annual growth number in tourism over the next five years, and that 65.4 million foreign travelers are projected to visit the United States in 2012 alone. 2011 […]

Armani Hotel Milano: Bellissimo

  Visit Milan for the shopping. Stay in Milan for the fashion at the uber-fashionable Armani Hotel Milano. A stay at the recently opened boutique hotel is like being wrapped in the coolest of textures and the rarest of finery. As marks Giorgio Armani’s tastes in form fitting attire with just the right materials, the […]

Romance in the South Pacific: Fiji Love

    By Lark Ellen Gould Forget Paris. Head to Fiji for the romance. The South Pacific sprawl of some 333 islands considers itself the most romantic place in the world and there may be something to that thought. Unlike many foreign and exotic spots where couples can tie the knot, a wedding in Fiji […]

Korean Curiosity: Jeju Island

    By Lark Ellen Gould Did you know there is an island in the East China Sea where the women weather icy ocean waters and hold their breath for multiple minutes while diving into the depths for edible sea creatures? Where museums are dedicated to teddy bears and tea, where a rambling bonsai arboretum […]

Travel Insurance: The Dark Side of Travel

Think you’ve had a few bad trips lately? Listen to these unfortunate folks who entered Travel Guard’s “Unluckiest Traveler” contest last year. The promotion highlighted just what can go wrong while traveling and putting your head into vacation mode. The point underscored the fact that none of these events is ever expected – the perfect […]

Got Employees? How to Avoid Getting Sued

If you have a busy and productive business, chances are you have busy and productive employees. But when the hatchet has to fall, whether it’s hard times, hard knocks or a hard job that requires more skill, it is never a pretty sight. To stay out of court and avoid costly legal fees, you can […]