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Spring Travel Packages, Deals and Discounts

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Costa Cruises Steaming Ahead

    As the Costa Deliziosa pulled into the Port of Los Angeles earlier this month, Travel-Intel sat down with Costa Cruise’s North America Vice President of Sales and Marketing: Scott Knutson. In light of the challenging year Costa had in 2012, Knutson was able to shed some quality light on the past and lessons […]

U.S. Travel to Cuba Gets a Hug in 2013

  For those who want to venture to Cuba this year, the keyword to consider is “people.”  Tour companies that want to add Cuba to their roster of itineraries must comply with the requirements of “people-to-people” programs mandated by U.S. government agencies and such programs can vary widely in how they are run and to […]

Destination Experts: Trusting Your Tour Company

Your clients are straight out of the C-Suite listings. CEOS, Wall Street wonders, they want to travel far and have called you to arrange it all for them. You cannot afford to make a mistake. Who do you call? In travel planning as in any other high stakes business, it’s important to have partners – […]

Caribbean Tourism Making a Comeback

Travel to the Caribbean is bounding back into shape like a steadfast, deeply rooted tree. Visitors from Canada and the US are proving that neither hurricanes, nor tourism mishaps, nor recessionary economics can keep people in need of some rest, relaxation and fun in the sun away from the hearty Caribbean warmth and hospitality. Around […]

Making the Most of the Moment in Micronesia

  by Susan McKee Sometimes luxury isn’t delineated by the thread count in a hotel’s bed sheets or the number of bellmen in the lobby. Sometimes luxury means an exclusivity so profound that even your friends have to get out a map to figure out where you’ve been. One of those hidden destinations is the […]