Not all cities are created equal – especially when it comes to average daily rates at favorite hotels. To that end, Nashville may just be the the most expensive city in the United States to stay overnight, according to a survey released this month by The booking site compared hotel rates across 50 urban destinations.

Looking at rates for this month of October, the month in which hotel rates in US cities tend to be at their highest, the booking site saw an average price of $223 as the benchmark the most affordable rooms in Nashville came top of the rankings. Only centrally located hotels rated with three stars or more were considered for the survey.

Only slightly more affordable, Boston came in with the average rate of $221 per night. Completing the trilogy was San Jose, where visitors in October are spending an average of $214 for the least expensive room.

Where to Bargains on US Hotel Rates

At the bottom end of the spectrum, the cheapest destination by far turned out to be Las Vegas, where an overnight visitor is likely to find a room for around $70 per night. Other affordable cities are San Antonio, Baltimore and Fresno, all of which have average hotel rates below $100 per night.

Top Ten Most Expensive US Cities for Hospitality

  1. Nashville $223
  2. Boston $221
  3. San Jose $214
  4. San Francisco $209
  5. Albuquerque $198
  6. New York City $196
  7. Austin $189
  8. Los Angeles $186
  9. Dallas $185
  10. Detroit $185

For the full results of the survey, check here.

When it comes to flying to those cities and those beyond US borders this season, offers some trips and tips to make the going that much more affordable. The online travel company recently released its take on the top destinations for the upcoming fall and winter travel. The list includes options for warm-weather escapes to beach side paradises, as well as popular getaways that offer everyone’s favorite cold weather winter activities.

According to CheapOair’s data, many travelers are unsurprisingly opting for warm-weather escapes throughout the winter months to top destinations like Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, and Tampa. After analyzing new booking trends, Florida remains one of the most popular destinations for winter travel, however, CheapOair also determined an increase in tropical destinations including Guadalajara, Mexico City, and San Juan.

The travel company’s booking data shows high traffic to northern American cities including New York, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh. Denver is also among the top destinations for a winter getaway this year, as the city continues to grow in popularity for its variety of snowy outdoor activities available.

“We’re seeing an uptick from previous winters in U.S. travelers either escaping the cold to tropical outposts down south or embracing popular winter regions to hit the ski slopes and picturesque lodges. Our data is forecasting a mix of both retreats, and top destinations include sunny Mexico and snow-filled Colorado,” says Tom Spagnola, CheapOair’s Senior Vice President of Supplier Relations.


Top U.S. Warm Weather Winter Escapes

Destination Closest Airport Average Airfare
Las Vegas, NV LAS $297.76
Los Angeles, CA LAX $333.52
Orlando, FL ORL $311.12
Fort Lauderdale, FL FLL $331.69
Miami, FL MIA $387.58
Guadalajara GDL $541.91
Mexico City MEX $590.46
San Juan SJU $504.45
Tampa, FL TPA $339.74
Phoenix, AZ PHX $369.54


Top U.S. Cold Weather Winter Destinations

Destination Closest Airport Average Airfare
New York, NY NYC $325.69
Denver, CO DEN $327.42
Chicago, IL CHI $289.81
Boston, MA BOS $316.31
Seattle, WA SEA $369.12
Philadelphia, PA PHL $356.87
Minneapolis, MN MSP $305.56
Portland, OR PDX $431.33
Pittsburgh, PA PIT $309.67
Toronto, Canada YTO $354.69


For those making plans to travel for the Thanksgiving Holiday, the online travel company has these tips:

Book Early

If you’re reading this and you haven’t booked your Thanksgiving flight yet, there’s no time like the present. Most airlines prices start to spike in early November and continue to rise through the New Year. In fact, data shows the cheapest time to book Thanksgiving travel is in October with an average U.S domestic cost of $379.05.

Leave a Little Early or a Little Late

The Sunday after Thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel days of the year and can lead to a tense travel experience. Avoid the rush by leaving on either Black Friday, a day many people choose to relax in a post-meal stupor, or the Tuesday after travelers are already back to their normal work routines.

“Airline prices can be dramatically cheaper traveling on the ‘non-peak’ days during Thanksgiving week. Major airports will be less crowded, getting through TSA will be faster, and the demand for overhead bin space to put your carry-on will be much easier, which will avoid having check your bag,” Spagnola advises.

Skip the Checked Luggage

If possible, stick to a carry-on. The kiosks for self-luggage check-in will be almost as long as the lines at the actual check-in counter. If a bag needs to be checked, consider consolidating your family’s luggage into one suitcase to minimize any potential fees or lost luggage mishaps.

There will be a much higher percentage of families traveling over Thanksgiving, which means more people will be checking luggage,” adds Spagnola.

Take advantage of Early Check-In on Apps

Most airlines now allow you to check-in online 24 hours before a departure to expedite boarding and travels.