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Airline Competition: Death by 1,000 Fees

By Lark Ellen Gould Baggage fees are like that oddly camouflaged elephant in the living room. You know you have to buy a ticket to get from Point A to Point B; you know approximately what that ticket should cost and your budget available for it, and you expect the transaction and subsequent flights to […]

Vacation Vacillation: Follow the Travel Deals

How fickle are U.S. travelers for an irresistible travel bargain? Quite fickle and even more spontaneous if the deal is right, says a recent survey by Travel-Ticker, which sought to learn how amiable American travelers are to changing their summer travel plans mid stream. The 2012 Summer Traveler Intentions Survey was conducted in May and […]

Hawaii on the Rise … Maui on the Mind

By Lark Ellen Gould Hawaii is hot these days. The come-back state is on the rise with hotel occupancy rates reaching the 80 percent mark and room rates climbing 6.4 percent to a whopping $212 per night on average. Despite the doldrums economy and relatively high cost of a Hawaii vacation, the people are coming, […]

Maui Vacations Start Here: Wailea Beach Villas

  The orders are clear: must be warm, have a beach, have room service, great weather, and shopping nearby. Must be clean, uncrowded and possess a shimmer of luxury. While this list could be the contents of a classified ad, or even an odd and desperate take on a personals blurb, it is neither. It […]

Seeking Roads Less Traveled? Try These

Iraq? North Korea? No problem. Adventures Abroad, a small Canadian group-tour specialist, has introduced an odd, but potentially very popular new series of tours to Iraq and North Korea. The north of the DMZ itineraries provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit one of the most secretive and intriguing countries in the world. And an organized […]

Have You Looked at Your Phone Lately?

While Washington lawmakers are looking at the language of a Privacy Bill of Rights act circulating through the Halls of Congress, more and more greedy mobile phone apps are crowding the consumer landscape with unusual ways of extracting consumer information and exacting buyer attention. A recent National Public Radio report shed light on a topic […]