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America’s Hottest Haunts for Labor Day Jaunts

Hotwire has the beat on just where Americans are heading to get out of the heat and toast the end to this summer’s vacation season. The leading discount travel site dug into its numbers* this week to name the 10 most popular destinations for travelers on the go this Labor Day weekend. What the numbers […]

New Do’s for Cruise 2012 and Beyond

By Lark Ellen Gould A record 16.3 million global passengers went on a cruise in 2011. And that figure is likely to increase for 2012. To that end, cruise lines are rolling out the programs, itineraries and improvements that will make cruising even more coveted as the ideal way to travel going forward. Here’s a […]

Flight Rites: Best Airports for Layovers

By Lark Ellen Gould If you have to be stuck in transit for hours or even a day you might want to consider these airports for making time fly. Sitting at an airport is familiar business for those who fly a lot and cancelled flights, missed connections and lazy travel agents can turn a simple […]

Great Hotels for the World’s Great Books

Bookworms as invested in the art of travel as they are in the location of a great book and where that story is read can pick a spot beyond the beach or pool to dive into a location as poetic as the words they ponder. Orient Express Hotels makes this particularly easy and worthwhile. Authors […]

Gansevoort: A Lesson in Hotel Chic

What started as an icon for chic retreats in New York City has blossomed into the new standard for Caribbean luxury in beachfront resorts and beyond. The Gansevoort Hotel Group has emerged over the past eight years as an inimitable force of what’s hip and refined through a dusting of properties that are defining the […]

Airplane Sleep Tips: The Magic’s in the Mask

By Lark Ellen Gould Insomniacs take note. You CAN try this at home. But travelers find the Glo-to-Sleep mask to be as trusted a companion as their quart-size cosmetic Ziploc bag when it comes to things to take on airplanes. Even those of us who can fall asleep anywhere, cannot seem to curry zzz’s on […]