What do Americans want when it comes to Bucket List travel? A group from Provisional Living wanted to find out not only what’s on those lists, but why and how they got there. What they found was pretty revealing.

Sifting and qualifying a batch of some 2,000 Americans for answers, the survey found that while 95 percent of those polled claimed to have a Bucket List, only 66 percent had a plan of attack and 21 percent noted that their lists change every month.

The survey found a large percentage of people start their bucket list when they get to a certain age (38%). Other reasons for starting a bucket list include being influenced by some sort of media (12%), after they went on a trip (11%), illness or death in the family (8%), a recommendation from a family member or friend (5%), a change in relationship status (4%), being laid off from a job (3%) and an income change (3%). Only 4% of survey respondents said they didn’t have a bucket list.

Not surprisingly, the most popular experience on someone’s bucket list had to do with travel —  77% indicated some sort of travel goal on their list. In fact, the average number of travel destinations on a bucket list was eight. Half (52%) indicated they wanted to travel with a spouse or significant on bucket list trips. But 14% said they wanted to go solo. For those whose list was a no-go, finances was noted as the key reason.

Where do people want to go for a vacation of a lifetime?

The top countries on people’s bucket lists were Australia, Italy, Ireland, Japan, the United Kingdom, France, Greece, the Bahamas, Egypt and Germany. The top 20 cities that are on people’s must-see list are Honolulu, New York, Las Vegas, Anchorage, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Seattle, Austin, Boston, Denver, Atlanta, Portland, DC, Miami, Chicago, San Diego, Anaheim, Orlando and Albuquerque.

When it comes to bucket list items, some people are more willing than others to put their money on the list. The the largest amount of money people are willing to spend on a bucket list item was an average of $3,081 — with Boomers saying they would spend $3,204 and Millennials being a little bit more frugal by saying they would spend $2,959.


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