K-A Micato

Taking a safari across the equatorial plains of Kenya it’s hard to separate the land from the sky, or the reality from the dream. It’s a fantastical journey into an almost primeval time when the earth was pure and uncountable species of earth’s amazing creatures wandered freely amid the acacias and water fields. You can still find that world today, exquisite and unsullied with the help of knowledgeable African safari companies, like Micato. But while you watch the lions scout and the elephants roam, a looming question settles silently upon the landscape: How long will this last?   hemingway-wing-profile

On a recent trip across the Great Rift Valley with Micato Safaris, JoAnn Kurtz-Ahlers, executive director of travel promotion company, Kurtz-Ahlers & Associates, saw red smoke billowing up against the far horizon. There were water buffalo wading near the water hole just beyond the rocks ahead and a pride of lions napping in the shade of umbrella thorn trees nearby. All was right with the world. And all was wrong. The lurid fires seem to build in the distance and although these placid scenes of nature surrounding remained untouched, they were very much in danger.  READ MORE….