Luxury eco-lodge in the Galapagos

Pikaia Lodge, Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos

If you are wondering what it is about Latin America that keeps visitors coming back for more awe and more wonder, you need only look at a map of Latin America to understand. Shaped like a giant Macaw perched above the mighty Atlantic, Pacific and Caribbean, it is its 12,000 miles of untainted coastline; its virgin rainforests feeding the planet with oxygen; its mountains reaching altitudes of nearly 20,000 feet; its wildlife found nowhere else, and its mystical ancient cultures that continue to confound modern science. And it is into this map of Latin America that Kurtz-Ahlers continues to showcase amazing resorts that bring visitors more reasons to travel to these shores.

Moving from north to south, from the beaches of Mexico to the mountains of Patagonia, Kurtz-Ahlers offers nearly a dozen resorts – all chosen carefully for their location, setting, solitude, style and rare sensibilities. The result? Trips to Latin America that simply wow from the inside out.   READ MORE…..