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Walking in the historical castle gardens, dinner in a gazebo lit only by candles, a top wellness center where pampering is the order of the day. Visitors can celebrate Valentine’s Day or any day in the spirit of undying romance in the Czech Republic.

Rustic Luxury under Prague Castle

The 4-star Romantik Hotel U Raka offers a fusion of luxurious facilities with the romance of the streets of Old Prague. The intimate atmosphere of the hotel built in traditional rustic style enhanced by an open fire in the indoor and outdoor areas

Romantik Hotel U Raka

and a featuring gardens full of herbs, offers luxurious, if not very cozy hotel rooms. The history of the building U Raka, which is makes up part of the hotel, dates back to 1739 when the stables were built. The hotel has an art gallery that guests can wander. The whole property is a registered historic landmark and captivates with legend and location in the heart of Prague.

Aristocratic Tradition in Central Bohemia

The ecological five-star castle hotel Chateau Mcely enjoys a sovereign position. The elegant castle interiors include spaces of the wine cellar from the 17th century and a local luxury spa used throughout the year by guests demanding quality service. There are 23 castle hotel rooms and suites at Chateau Mcely, plus the patio restaurant Piano Nobile (winner of the national com


petition for the best restaurant) and the castle park with an outdoor jacuzzi and sauna. The hotel also offers specially adapted children’s apartments for princesses, baby showers, tea parties. Guests can enjoy picnics held in the park and a clever menu of alchemical drinks mixed according to medieval recipes.


Renaissance Romance in the Heart of Český Krumlov

One of the most extraordinary boutique hotels in the Czech Republic with the poetic name Rose, is found within the spread of a former 16th century Jesuit college. In the interior and exterior of Hotel Ruze find original Renaissance works and an assortment of ancient frescoes and paintings that can be admired throughout the hotel complex. The Swedish King Carl XVI Gustav and the Oscar-winning director Miloš Forman as well as former president Václav Havel, stayed at the hotel, which opened in 2000. The property is located in the heart of the historic center of a city registered on the UNESCO list of cultural heritage and offers a wellness center with spas built according to philosophies of traditional of spa healers. There are wooden vats, and miracles worked through peat wraps.



Ancient Intrigue in the Heart of the City of the Hussites

Discover the boutique hotel, Hotel Nautilus, in the heart of South Bohemian Tábor and surrounded by a landscape of willows and ponds. The spacious rooms with antique furnishings look directly on to the square Žižkovo náměstí. In these rooms, guests find original fossils embedded in the walls, as well as original oil and acrylic paintings of eras passed and preserved stained glass door panels. The mirrors in the bathrooms are lined with colorful mosaics and lamp fixtures that are hand blown. Local wines are on offer here from the New and Old World.

Sweet Privacy between Bohemia and Moravia

Halfway between the two largest cities in the Czech Republic, Prague and Brno, there is a small village called Počátky that is surrounded by the beginnings of a smattering of ponds. A fun place to explore there is Summerhouse of St. Adalbert. The First Republic Vojtech summerhouse is a small haven of luxury for all romantic souls escaping from the bustle of the city


with 11 exclusive suites and rooms that often serve wedding guests and couples in love. Deco skews to original antique furnishings with modern elements, such as large bath tubs placed directly in the bedroom, four-poster beds, original renovated tiled stoves and armorial decoration in the rooms. A stylish onsite restaurant offers contemporary European cuisine.

In nearby Počátky visit Saint Catherine Resort with an extensive spa and wellness center, including massage cabins, steam baths and saunas built according to the principles of pilates, which is practiced daily there, along with yoga.


Luxurious Getaway inching toward Monrovia

The wooden cottages standing on the edge of the deep forest of the Moravian-Silesian Beskids are a smart choice for romantic adventurers, who seek maximum comfort. The cottages Orlí hnízdo (Eagle’s Nest), Vlčí doupě (Wolf’s Lair) and Medvědí skála (Bear’s Rock) are located on the edge of the forest under the highest mountain in the Czech Republic and can accommodate up to ten people, including children, who can experience a real adventure in the surrounding woods. Amenities include a fully equipped dining room, home theater connected to a game console, a massive fireplace with a meat smoker, private jacuzzi and sauna – all on the edge of unspoiled countryside in Moravian Beskids.

eagle's nest


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