medical records while traveling

Anyone who has seen a doctor and wants to access those medical records for another medical professional to review may have more than a few hurdles to manage before this simple deed is done.

And while it is hard enough to port records from one office to another in the same building or even in the same town, imagine what that can mean to travelers who may need to access their records from another country.

But those days may be behind us as companies are finding ways to keep this information collected, safe and accessible in the cloud. One such company, MyMedicalRecords developed by MMR Global, provides an easy-to-use Personal Health Record service that allows such access online from anywhere in the world at any hour. It also keeps copies of other important documents on hand, such as passports, insurance policies, birth certificate and immunization records.

Travel agents are able to include MyMedicalRecords as a “value-added service” free for 30 days, from the day registered for every trip booked. Clients will have the option of renewing their own MyMedicalRecords account at a low annual flat fee after 30 days.

Travelers also get an Emergency Health Record Card for themselves and their family members, complete with special Emergency Login codes for doctors and first responders to enable viewing of a patient’s most critical information — such as allergies, prescriptions and medical history — in the event of a medical emergency. So even if a client gets sick halfway around the world, doctors can access potentially life-saving information when every second counts.

The secure and private portal gives clients the power to store medical records and other vital documents for up to ten family members — including pets. (Pets, often trusted traveling companions, can also get sick on the road). The services also includes special health management tools, such as a Drug Reference Tool that checks for interactions between more than 50,000 prescriptions and over the counter medications, as well as calendar reminder alerts so clients can keep on track with doctor appointments and prescription refills — so important when they are getting ready to travel.

Safe Travels and Travel Agent Commissions

When agents sign up for the travel agent partner program as an affiliate partner, they receive a special registration code to give to their clients. The registration code gives each client a free 30-day trial of the MyMedicalRecords Personal Health Record (from the day they sign up). When they complete their trial period and are billed, the travel agent receives recurring commissions based on revenues for each year of service. A subscription to MMR costs $9.95 per month and commissions are paid each month. Travel agents in the program also get a complimentary lifetime account that can be used for themselves and their family, giving them the opportunity to explore all the powerful features and benefits that make MyMedicalRecords a must-have for clients.