Romantic Vacations in Greece

Do vacations equal happiness? According to some 86 percent of American consumers who were asked whether these two elements link … they do.

The Expedia® Pleasure Index, an online survey conducted by Harris Interactive for Expedia, sought to examine the link between vacations and happiness. What the survey revealed, not surprisingly: Americans report that vacations make them happier than their marriages, happier than their religions, happier than weddings and birthdays and even happier than spending time with their cats (but consumers who have never taken a vacation are more likely to say that cats make them happier than those who have gone on vacation within the past year).

Travel for sexlifeDo Vacations Equal Better Sex?

Among vacationers who take a vacation in a typical year with their spouse or partner, “pleasure” is the word: 88% report being at least somewhat likely to be intimate. On the whole, nearly 40% of Americans who take any vacations in a typical year and have a spouse/partner report being “somewhat to much more likely” to be intimate while on vacation. Only 12% report being “somewhat or much less likely.”

Those who have taken a vacation within the past year, or even within the past four years, are more likely to be satisfied with their love life than those who have not gone on a vacation in five years or more.

Is Once Enough?

The Expedia Pleasure Index revealed that those who vacation three or more times per year are more likely to be satisfied with their love life than those who take vacation two or fewer times.

Are Vacations Forever?

Those who traveled with their spouse – and only their spouse – on their last vacation are “much more likely” to indicate that they are satisfied with their love life than those who took their last vacation alone, or traveled with family or friends only. Also, married individuals who traveled with their spouse only on their past vacation are “much more likely” to associate vacation with their overall happiness than those who spent the past vacation alone.

Toasting to a vacation

Do Men Like It More than Woman?

According to the Expedia Pleasure Index, men take more pleasure in vacations than do women. Overall, the average number of vacations per year is three – although men who vacation take four vacations per year on average, while women take three. Men also take longer vacations; on average: two vacations per year that are five nights or longer, while women take only one such break per year.

What are the Best Places for Pleasure?

A third (34%) of Americans who have ever taken a vacation visited an urban/city destination during their most recent vacation, while 27% visited the beach and 13% visited the countryside.

1.            Atlantic City
2.            Florida Keys
3.            Oregon Coast
4.            Cape Cod, MA
5.            Sedona, AZ
6.            Santa Barbara
7.            Palm Springs
8.            Barcelona (SPA)
9.            Charleston, SC
10.          Rome (IT)

Are Vacations the Antidote for Work?

Over six in ten U.S. adults – 63% – define a vacation as 4-7 days in length; only 6% of consumers were willing to call a 1-2 day break a “vacation.”

Less than half (45%) of employed Americans report a general level of satisfaction with their job, and a similar number of Americans (47%) report satisfaction with their love life.

More than half of employed vacationers who take any vacations in a typical year make a habit of checking in with the office. Roughly one third (32%) of these vacationers check in at least once a day. 59% of men make a habit of checking in with the office, versus 49% of women. However, a full 46% of employed Americans who take any vacations in a typical year report that they “never” check in with work while on vacation.



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