As travel gets into gear for spring and summer 2017, a trove of data indicates where some of the best travel deals are and when. recently dug into its back office bots to pull up some of the best wallet friendly destinations for the remainder of 2017.

Looking at the average price per night of 4-star accommodations in the most recommended U.S. destinations and viewing these finds against pricing fluctuations through the year, a comprehensive list of great U.S. destinations was born and constructed to appeal to even the most miserly of travelers.

April Avalon, California

The 3rd week of April was 49% cheaper than the most expensive time of the year. What travelers love about Avalon – the anchor of Catalina Island, 22 miles off the coast of Los Angeles: Atmosphere, Diving, Romance and Water Sports.

May Ashland, Oregon

The 3rd week of May was 35% cheaper than the peak price. What travelers love about Ashland: Culture, Entertainment & Theater, Scenery and Wine Tasting.

June New Smyrna Beach, Florida

The 2nd week of June was 20% cheaper than the most expensive week of the year. What travelers love about New Smyrna Beach: Beaches for Kids, Food, Shopping and Surfing.

July Saint Michaels, Maryland

The 4th week of July was 28% cheaper than the most expensive week of the year. What travelers love about Saint Michaels: Boating, Relaxation, Romance and Seafood.

August Breckenridge, Colorado

The last week of August was 71% cheaper than the peak price of the year. What travelers love about Breckenridge: Beer, Friendly Locals, Hiking and Outdoor Activities .

September Jekyll Island, Georgia

The last week of September was 40% cheaper than the most expensive week of the year. What travelers love about Jekyll Island: Beach Walks, Cycling, Golf and Sunsets.

October Ruidoso, New Mexico

The 4th week of October was 50% cheaper than the peak price of the year. What travelers love about Ruidoso: Beautiful Forests, Horse Racing, Relaxation and Scenery.

November Springdale, Utah

The 4th week of November was 40% cheaper than the peak price.

What travelers love about Springdale: Hiking, Photography, Stargazing and Wildlife.

December Whitefish, Montana

The 1st week of December was 53% cheaper than the most expensive week of the year. What travelers love about Whitefish: Fishing, Family Friendly Trips, Parks and Trail Walks.

You’ll Always Remember Your First

For many travelers the upcoming months will signal a right of passage, a period when they graduate from local hang outs to worldly wonders as they take off for places about which they have always dreamed. A global survey of aspirational destinations for first time travelers by revealed, not surprisingly that Paris is the place first time voyagers want to go the most.

The First Time Traveler Hit List

#1 – Paris, France

#2 – Barcelona, Spain

#3 – London, United Kingdom

#4 – Vienna, Austria

#5 – Malaga, Spain

#6 – Venice, Italy

#7 – Rome, Italy

#8 – Sydney, Australia

#9 – Zurich, Switzerland

#10 – Berlin, Germany

The survey of more than 15,000 travelers polled in markets all over the world, showed several enlightening reasons for what motivated these travelers to get up and go for the first time.

A first-time travel experience is more exciting than a first date -(53%), first job (51%), making a new friend (62%) and even a first kiss for more than one in three people (36%)

Two thirds (65%) say first-time travel experiences lift their confidence

Three in five (61%) think the well-travelled are more interesting, and almost half (45%) believe travel makes them more successful in life and career

First-time travel experiences inspire us to make life-changing decisions – with more than one in 10 (13%) switching their job or career, one in 10 (13%) changing their relationship, and one in five (21%) deciding to move somewhere completely new because of a first-time travel experience.

Respondents also claim that confidence boosted by first-time travel can also open doors to other life-inspiring opportunities, such as meeting new kinds of people (40%), cooking and eating new types of food (43%), learning a new language (29%) and reading and learning about another culture (29%).

This impetus to experience and learn new things leads people to believe that those who have traveled to many places and have tried out different travel experiences tend to be more interesting that those who have not (61%), and that with all these new interpersonal and practical skills they tend to be more successful in their life and career (45%).

Once Bitten

And it seems that once people have the travel bug, it’s hard to shake with about two in three (64%) stating that experiencing places for the first time prompts them to visit other new places, experiences or accommodation in the future.

In fact, almost half (45%) plan to be more adventurous in their travel plans in 2017 and one in two (56%) plan to travel further away from home. Over half plan to take more weekend getaways (54%) and visit somewhere where their friends haven’t been (47%).

And the types of first time experiences people are excited to try in 2017 are broadening, with volunteering based trips (21%), spiritual adventures (23%), eco tours (39%) and road trips (44%), proving to be popular choices for globe-trotting travelers.