While Donald Trump’s approval ratings may have dropped to new percentage lows, his namesake hotels may also be dropping their booking numbers. According to a new survey released this month, 63 percent of vacationers say they would not stay in a Trump hotel.

According to a random, perhaps not perfectly scientific, study performed via the travel-dating website, MissTravel.com, members polled were able to shed light on how the Trump hotel chain is perceived by tourists. Results reveal an international unwillingness to book accommodations at a Trump property.

Would you stay at a Trump property?

  • U.S. residents who responded yes: 47%
  • U.S. residents who responded no: 53%
  • U.K. residents who responded yes: 28%
  • U.K. residents who responded no: 72%
  • Canada residents who responded yes: 21%
  • Canada residents who responded no: 79%

Residents of the United Kingdom and Canada showed similar disapproval for the president, while U.S. residents were almost evenly split over whether they would book a room in a Trump hotel.

A survey taken in October by Travel Weekly during the run-up to the White House showed even at that time that a growing number of Trump properties were seeing business drop off in parallel with Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

Trump and Travel Agents

Travel Weekly surveyed its readership of travel agents to see what effect, if any, the race was having on the Trump hotel chain and the results showed some 61% of travel agents were recommending Trump-branded hotels and resorts less than the period prior to Trump beginning his presidential bid.

In addition, just over half of the agents noted their clients telling them that they were not interested in staying at Trump-branded properties. The survey of around 1,100 travel advisers conducted Oct. 13-17, 2016. About 46% of those surveyed said the number of clients asking not to stay in Trump-branded properties increased after the “pussy grabbing” tape surfaced.

Travel Weekly’s results jibed at that time with reports from a variety of sources, including social media company Foursquare, New York magazine, and a survey conducted by Women in Travel and Tourism International.

FourSquare found in its data collection opeations that Trump-branded properties had about 19% fewer visits during that period as compared to the previous year. The company also reported declines in foot traffic to Trump properties.

National hotel chains have been noticeably silent with criticism of the 45th President. Booking sites Expedia, AirBnb, and TripAdvisor spoke out against Trump in early 2017.