Where will Americans be vacationing this winter? U.S. News & World Report’s annual rankings of the Best Winter Vacations highlights 20 global destinations that will be on the minds of travelers during the Northern Hemisphere’s coldest months.
Rome tops the overall Best Winter Vacations list this year, considered a popular choice followed by Dubai, United Arab Emirates. With scenic beaches and a warmer climate, Honolulu-Oahu follows at No. 3, with Quebec City as fourth and Auckland, New Zealand rounding out the top five. Rome is also a top option for the budget-savvy traveler – it comes in first on the Best Affordable Winter Vacations list.

Each destination is scored in 10 categories, from sights, culture and food to nightlife, adventure and romance, offering a comprehensive evaluation of each destination.

Best Winter Vacations
1. Rome
2. Dubai, United Arab Emirates
3. Honolulu-Oahu
4. Quebec City 5. Auckland, New Zealand

Best Winter Family Vacations
1. Orlando-Walt Disney World
2. Anaheim-Disneyland
3. Branson, Missouri
4. Honolulu-Oahu
5. Whistler, British Columbia

Best Affordable Winter Vacations
1. Rome
2. Quebec City
3. Auckland, New Zealand
4. Seville, Spain
5. Costa Rica

Best Christmas Vacations
1. Prague
2. Vienna
3. Taos, New Mexico
4. London
5. New York City